Query Blog previewThe “Query List” action in Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio is one of those seemingly obscure functions that actually provides tremendous value. Many business processes require multiple steps involving related sources of data. Query List can tie these data sources together and allow complex workflows to be automated.

Query List comes with NITRO Studio, Crow Canyon’s workplace automation tool for SharePoint and Office 365. It is one of the many tools in NITRO Studio that provide the power and flexibility to meet an organization’s workflow needs, whether those are simple or complex.

The “Query List” Action in NITRO Studio Has Many Uses
Let’s take the case of ordering new computer equipment. The Purchase Order issued for the new supplies may have multiple items listed. When the shipment arrives, a NITRO Workflow using Query List can run a process on the Purchase Order. For each line item, the workflow can add the item, with all its details, to an Asset Management database and also create a deployment task for it while sending out notifications that equipment has arrived. This accelerates workplace efficiency by automatically taking the next steps in order fulfillment.

Another use is in a Ticketing system where a support ticket or change request has sub-tasks. When the ticket reaches a certain status, actions can be run on one or more of the sub-tasks. This could be as simple as closing the sub-tasks when the ticket is closed, or more complex, such as tracking time with sub-tasks and generating an Invoice based on the details of each sub-task.

Query List can also be used when tracking parts used in a Work Order system. The Work Order can list the parts used, and a workflow can be setup to issue orders to re-stock inventory for each part when the quantity of that part falls below a certain threshold.

These are just some of the many examples of how Query List can be used to manage multiple interacting and cascading processes. This is just one of the many great features of NITRO Studio that help drive workplace automation and business process efficiency.

How Query List Works

Query List is used in NITRO Custom Actions and NITRO Workflows. Both of these tools can have a series of actions that are run in sequence.

To use Query List, first a “Query List Action” is set up, then a subsequent action (or actions) can use the Query List results.
How Query Lists Work

In the Workflow in the above image, the actions run on a Work Order This Work Order has a list of parts on it because the technician, while fulfilling the Work Order, chose the parts used from a Parts list and added the quantity consumed and other details. The result is that the Work Order has a list of the parts used to complete the order.

The Workflow is setup to run when the Work Order is marked “Completed”. The first action in this workflow is the “Query Parts List”, which returns all parts used for that particular Work Order. It could also run a more sophisticated Query where it will only return those Parts used where the “Quantity Used” exceeds a certain pre-set “Threshold.”

The next action, “Create New Order”, uses the list of Parts returned in the Query. It can create an Order item in an “Orders” list and assign it to a person or group. Fields from the Part list can be mapped to the new Order so that it is clear what needs to be ordered and how many.

Alternatively, an email can be sent to the purchasing agents to inform them to order the parts.

In a more sophisticated and integrated scenario, the Workflow can run an action that uses a script or web service to write directly to a financial system.

In the below image, any, or all, of these Actions can be run, based on the results of the Query List.

Even in this one example, it is clear that Query List can add much value to workflow automation. The possible uses of Query List, along with NITRO Custom Actions and Workflows, cover a wide-range of important business processes. This kind of workflow automation drives productivity and lowers overall expenses while increasing profits. It is time to put NITRO Studio, with its Query List Action, to use!

This KB article goes into detail about using Query List: https://www.crowcanyon.help/article/470/. And we are always here to assist and provide guidance to help you achieve your workplace automation goals.