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Crow Canyon Software has helped many banking and financial organizations run more efficiently. Explore how this industry has benefited by the range of these business solutions that have streamlined organizational efficiency and security.

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Here are examples of our business applications banking and financial companies have put into place:
Customer Service   |   IT Help Desk   |   Facilities Management    |   Contract Management   |   Onboarding

Automate your existing forms and manual routing processes to improve customer service and bank staff productivity.

Examples of requests include: 

Banking Automation
  • New Account requests bank
  • Account changes
  • Credit line increase / approval
  • Credit card disputes
  • Lost credit cards
  • Fee inquiries and dispute
Banking Automation
  • Online banking account changes
  • Wire transfer requests
  • Loan approvals, changes
  • Business account changes
  • Currency requests
  • Many more…

Crow Canyon Software uses SharePoint and Office 365 to streamline and automate many banking and financial processes including private banking services, loan approval processing, customer service center and more.

The following is an example of how Crow Canyon has solved a business need for banking customers.

Increase the level of service to customers and employees while improving bank staff productivity. Bank departments have to field many types of requests that include a variety of forms and routing processes. The challenge is to provide a simple and efficient way to capture specific information, route it to the right staff, and provide timely follow-up.

Crow Canyon Employee Request Manager for SharePoint is a powerful and efficient way to automate the tracking and management of requests. Clients submit requests from a variety of sources (SharePoint, Office 365, phone, email, the web, Outlook) and the tickets are routed to the right department or individual for assignment and fulfillment. Link in relevant forms and policies. Integrate with financial and account databases. Track time, costs, work logs, and status throughout the process.

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