NITRO Studio Version Log

NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.130  Release: 04-30-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.129  Release: 04-27-2020


  1. Power Portal:

    1. Support basic portal operations in SharePoint App (Android and iOS)
  2. Theme Builder and Branding:

    1. New ‘Gray’ theme
    2. Expand option for suite navigation bar
    3. Added a new color theme for reports
    4. Support for theme specific modern quick launch

Bug fixes:

  1. List Search:

    1. Show data as per correct decimal places for number columns
    2. Format date time columns during export to Excel
    3. Show value as 0 instead of blank for number columns
    4. Search within content for documents (SharePoint search)
  2. NITRO Forms:

    1. Alignment fixes for check boxes and submit buttons
    2. Fix for form opening with very small height sometimes (Firefox only)
  3. Modern Branding:

    1. Fixes as per CSS element changes done by Microsoft
  4. NITRO Apps:

    1. Move to latest version of Kendo UI scripts
  5. Custom Actions:

    1. More error handling for Teams actions (checks for configurations and permissions)
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.128  Release: 04-21-2020 

  1. Custom Actions – Teams message action:

    1. NITRO Studio changes for feature release
    2. Message placeholders UI
    3. Email message configuration change to take email address directly
    4. NITRO site settings for Teams API connection
    5. New SPFx web part to invoke API to send Teams message
    6. Basic support for sending a message/email to a Teams channel
  2. Modern UI Branding:

    1. New ‘Site Theme’ section
    2. Apply/Create/Update/Delete themes for Modern UI
  3. Workflow Online:

    1. New function ‘RegexReplace’ to update string values by Regex pattern matching
    2. Use Kendo notification UI for notifications in workflow configuration pages
    3. Filter out approval app log lists from workflow configurations
    4. New feature to log execution errors to common list in the site (CCSWFHistory_Common_ErrorLogs)
  4. Workflow On-prem:

    1. New function ‘RegexReplace’ to update string values by Regex pattern matching
  5. Approval App:

    1. New feature to log approval execution to a list in site (CCSAdvancedApprovalLog)
  6. NITRO List View:

    1. New option to hide buttons like “Delete” and “Edit” using advanced settings JSON

Bug fixes:

      1. NITRO Forms:

        1. Fix for form not rendering if dynamic permissions are configured on a user column that is auto-filled
        2. Fix for UI alignment issue of actions buttons placed at form bottom
        3. Custom action buttons sort order not working correctly in Modern and Common forms
        4. Fix for tab scrolling issue in modern UI
        5. Decimal places in associated items
        6. Cascading not working for lookup value that is auto-filled (only for text column converted to lookup)
        7. Attachment not getting added to items already having attachments when list view threshold limit is crossed
      2. NITRO Studio:

        1. Minor updates in handling of Modern UI form pages update
      3. NITRO List View:

        1. Handling for deleted/renamed list views
      4. Workflow On-prem:

        1. Fix for permission action not working
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.127  Release: 04-09-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.126  Release: 03-27-2020


  1. List Search Enhancements:

    1. New feature to get results using SharePoint search
    2. UI updates and add mobile support (responsive)
    3. Settings page updates

Bug fixes:

  1. Workflow Online:

    1. Fix for attachments not copied in move item action
  2. Workflow On-prem:

    1. Fix for extra space in “Manage Permissions” action name
  3. NITRO Studio:

    1. Support for application site re-install in root tenancy site
    2. Tenant framework and grant permissions panel changes
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.125  Release: 03-23-2020

  1. Workflow Manager On-premises:

    1. Update Kendo UI libraries and other client side code for workflow configurations
    2. Support for running workflows with anonymous user
    3. Fix for lookup placeholders not getting replaced for empty column value
  2. NITRO Apps:

    1. Site selection drop-down updated to enable search and show current site as first selection

Bug fixes:

  1. NITRO Portal:

    1. Some fixes for mobile layout (responsive mode)
  2. NITRO Forms:

    1. Form Event Actions – Fix for fetch items not working on form load if query has lookup column placeholders
  3. List View and List Search

    1. Remove tags when exporting multi-line plain text column data to excel
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.124 Release: 03-16-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.123 Release: 03-16-2020


  • Linked Items:

    1. Relationship based on form column values (new option ‘Query Builder’)
    2. Implemented in NITRO Forms and Linked Items app. Corresponding changes in NITRO List View, Print (List and Item), Custom Actions generate document and Email manager
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Associated Items file layout: New option to show images and documents as ‘Tiles with preview’
  • List View:

    1. Export to excel in plain text format for multi-line text columns. Advanced settings option (‘RichTextFormat’) to export as HTML if required
  • Branding:

    1. Modern UI: Support to hide quick launch links as per audience targeting settings
  • Misc:

    1. In Workflow and Approval apps, filter out lists created for Workflow and Product app logs
    2. NITRO Portal: Portal notifications support in mobile layout (responsive mode)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Issue with drag-drop of section in designer for some scenarios
    2. For on-load form event actions that update lookup columns, waiting till column control is loaded
    3. Associated Items: File download link is not working in IE browser
    4. Delay load feature not working with file layout option
  • NITRO List View:

    1. Recreate Kendo Grid control if any error in loading view data
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.122 Release: 03-11-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.121 Release: 03-09-2020


      1. Associated Items: Special handling for list view threshold error and show instructions to fix it
    1. Branding (SP Online):

      1. Handling for hub site navigation bar, hide it when site header is hidden
      2. Also hide hub site bar in portal menu navigation and NITRO Forms (in popup dialog mode)
    2. NITRO Portal

      1. Rename Power Portal to NITRO Portal
      2. Add recent NITRO enhancements to portal sites:

        1. List and item print:

          1. JavaScript option to change print content as per custom requirements
          2. Page size, margin and layout options for generating pdf
          3. Support for above in Generate Document action when using item print template to generate pdf
        2. List View:

          1. New option to show count of items in list view next to view name in tabs/drop-down
          2. Show filter icon in column header when data is filtered for that column
        3. NITRO Forms:

          1. Forms version history:

        i.  During forms publish, take a comment and store it in file version history (optional) along with user and date time
        ii.  Show past versions along with publish comments. Option to revert to a previous version or delete old versions
        iii.  Minify the size of published settings by removing unused forms and settings (draft version will continue to have everything)
        iv.  When moving from separate forms to same form, copy settings from edit form to common form (if common form has no settings)
        v.  If NITRO Forms settings are corrupted, then show an option to revert to previous version when opening designer
                                      i.  Lookup enhancements like sort by view
                                     ii.  Form event actions query builder and form type options
                                     iii. Scripting support in validations
                                     iv. Associated items settings UI changes
                                     v. Auto-fill support for cross-site collection
                                     vi. Publishing changes

    1. SPOnline Approval App and Workflow Manager:

      1. Support Version history for multiple lines of text columns. Syntax: [[VersionHistory:WorkLog||Work Log]]
      2. Update to use TLS 1.2 as per security update by Microsoft

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Fix for popup dialog buttons not visible in iPhone Safari browser
  • NITRO Portal On-premises:

    1. Portal security settings are not shown in settings page (due to recent alternate access mapping change)
NITRO Studio – v1.1.0.120 – Released: 03-06-2020

  • NITRO Studio:

    1. Easier installation process using NITRO API grant permissions. Can be used in place of tenant Framework installation step
  • NITRO Forms extended settings feature. Options added:

    1. Section headings formatting support
    2. Validations message display options

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Fix for validation not working when comparing a user column with another user column on the form
    2. Table not getting added to multi-line text column for some cases
    3. Fix number of items (length) validation for managed metadata and associated item columns
    4. Search enabled lookup column value is not displayed in edit form
  • List Rollup:

    1. Handle alternate access mapping cases for SP On-premises
    2. Fix for delay load case to not load data on page load in some cases
  • Email Sync:

    1. Fix for email attachments not getting added to list item in SharePoint
  • Workflow Manager Online:

    1. Disable site drop-down in main page if user is not site collection administrator
  • NITRO Secure:

    1. Handle licensing in NITRO Applications for upgrade from legacy applications
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.119 Release: 02-28-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.118 Release: 02-28-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.117 Release: 02-24-2020


  • Workflow Manager Online:

    1. Performance improvements to load workflow create/update pages faster
    2. Update Kendo UI libraries and other client side code for workflow configurations
  • List Rollup:

    1. Support for sorting as per the rollup column data type
    2. New option to format data with script for column types Number/Text/Lookup/User
    3. Option to generate the column format script for number type column for common scenarios
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. For column validations, enhanced the length option to check for number of entities selected in multi-value columns (lookup/choice/user/attachments/associated items/managed metadata)
    2. New option to sort lookup column values as per the selected view sort settings
    3. Show lookup column value as link when column is set to read-only
    4. Options to skip required column validations in wizard style form when script button is used to move to next tab
  • Misc updates:

    1. Approval App: Support for placeholder ‘Task Item ID’ in mail templates
    2. Custom Actions: Support to set name column value for document libraries
    3. Custom Actions: Support for Content Type in column mappings (to set Content Type value in some text column)
    4. User Dashboard: Handling for more items (list view threshold) by fetching data in batches (new config ‘BatchDays’)
    5. NITRO Apps: When adding NITRO Modern UI web parts to classic pages, show a message to use classic components instead

Bug fixes:

  • List Search:

    1. Fix for simple search not working on number type columns
    2. If ‘Show List Views’ is unchecked then don’t show list view drop-down even if ‘Search Within View Only’ is selected
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. On-prem: Support for alternate access mapping URL in associated items and other features
  • Custom Actions:

    1. Generate Document Action: Do not update the generated document item if there are no column mappings
  • Modern UI Portal:

    1. Menu dialog is not closing after clicking the menu item