NITRO Studio Version Log

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NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.116 Release: 02-21-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.115 Release: 02-20-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.114 Release: 02-17-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.113 Release: 02-17-2020


  • NITRO Apps:

    1. Condition control: Value picker dialog for Forms Designer (validations, permissions etc.), Report Filter, List Search and Color KPI
  • Workflow Manager On-prem:

    1. Option to add description at workflow and action level
    2. Option to enable/disable workflows
    3. Query builder and View options in scheduled workflows (in addition to CAML query)
    4. NITRO Signature column support in emails
    5. Button to show logs list link in workflow listing

Bug fixes:

  • List Search:

    1. Fix to show multiple value enabled managed metadata columns in search results
  • Workflow Manager On-prem:

    1. Fix in scheduled reports to use month name as per regional settings and add missing date range in result
    2. For Count function on Query List items, return 0 instead of ‘null’ if there are no items
    3. In query builder Date Time column condition, if ‘Today’ or ‘Offset’ days is used, then not include time part in query
    4. In column mapping, if source date is blank then set blank value instead of minimum date value
    5. When workflow page is opened, check and create missing lists and columns used to store workflow and mail template configurations
    6. For list and column creation for workflow and mail templates, use higher privileges and with unsafe code check
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Fix to not show extra space when sub-sections are hidden by permissions
    2. Fix for predefined column mappings not working with file upload
    3. Fix to show updated values in grid when associated items are updated/removed
    4. Multi-lookup values not shown correctly in associated items column
    5. Fix label text for script button right side panel
    6. Fix for repeated prompts to apply column level settings
    7. Add background color for delay load text in associated items
    8. Increase multi-choice options max-width from 500 to 2000 px
  • NITRO Studio and Power Portal App page:

    1. Handle exception with user permission check functionality and show panel with error details
    2. NITRO studio: Support to install applications in root site of the site collection
  • Linked Items:

    1. Formatting of number column (decimal places, percentage) as per column settings
  • Email Manager:

    1. Show ‘Send Mail’ button in ECB for NITRO On-prem / Online Classic and Modern UI
  • Workflow Manager Online:

    1. Fix for scheduled workflows not getting triggered
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.112 Release: 02-14-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.111 Release: 02-11-2020


  • NITRO Forms – Form Event Actions:

    1. Fetch items action: In addition to CAML query for fetching items, support for Query builder, List View, Related Items, Assoc Items, Lookup
    2. New function to get column values from “FetchListItems” action (window.ccs_g_FormUI.GetQLItemColumnValues)
    3. Option to apply in New/Edit/Display forms and in forms invoked from List Views/Custom Actions/Associated Items Grid
  • Power portal:

    1. Option to customize footer text color
    2. Show home page notifications and other links panel in mobile UI
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Read permission option for Submit/Script/Custom Action buttons (button will appear disabled)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms, List View and Other Apps:

    1. Formatting of number column (decimal places, percentage) and currency columns as per column settings
    2. Formatting lookup column link display value as per settings of lookup column
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Modern UI: Managed metadata column is not showing suggestions
    2. Exception handling for Form event action scripts to load form even if custom code fails for any reason
    3. If tab/section has only one group, then currently it is hidden in mobile view. Changed this to always show for sub-section/sub-tabs/top level section
    4. Fix for section columns getting hidden and only section heading shown for dynamic conditions
    5. Fix for folder picker dialog not opening in upload file dialog
    6. “OFormKey” query string parameter (open specific NITRO form) is not working correctly
    7. Minor UI changes for notifications display
  • Custom Actions:

    1. Handling for SharePoint API calls returning “0” as status (similar to http 500 error)
    2. More logs to identify issues when retry is required for SharePoint API calls
  • NITRO Workflows Online:

    1. Scheduled query workflows not working, add null object checks in logging
  • NITRO Studio:

    1. Handling for site collection ‘swap’ to a different URL
  • Email Sync:

    1. For Graph API option, enhanced header parsing to extract email address to which mail is sent (alias)
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.110 Release: 02-05-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.109 Release: 02-05-2020


  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Support for custom JavaScript in column validations (
    2. Option to delay load associated items (to speed up form load)
    3. Option to encrypt connection string used in external data column settings
    4. Support validations on multi-line text columns converted to NITRO attachment columns (e.g. on count of attachments)
    5. Support to clear attachments from multi-line text columns (for dynamic forms scenarios)
  • Tiles and Dials:

    1. Delay loading feature: Load after specified time or on user click or when tab containing the web part is clicked

Bug fixes:

  • Custom Actions:

    1. Fix for conditions not working for lookup columns
    2. Delay execution setting changed to take milliseconds instead of seconds
    3. In send mail action loading group users asynchronously to avoid SharePoint throttling errors
    4. For mapped columns in generate document action, limit changed from 100 to 1000
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. In form event actions read value for number columns of type percentage correctly
  • Email Sync:

    1. To get email alias to which mail is sent, handle case where “To:” header is not in standard format
    2. More exception handling for intermittent Azure errors
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.108 Release: 01-30-2020
NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.107 Release: 01-29-2020


  • NITRO Workflows O365: Query builder and View options in scheduled workflows (in addition to CAML query)
  • NITRO Forms:
    1. Add handling for SP throttling errors and add more error handling and logging
    2. For opening past versions of item, hide custom actions and associated items
    3. UI validation messages for upload file, folder and document set
    4. Support for opening NITRO classic forms from linked tiles and show NITRO ribbon in display form and mobile form
    5. Fixes for reloading item for item version conflicts and static validations
    6. Added validations for duplicate attachment names
  • Approval App: Do not store item change data in NITRO Azure database

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Workflows O365:
    1. For Count function on Query List items, return 0 instead of ‘null’ if there are no items
    2. Fix for workflows not getting deleted from NITRO Workflows UI
    3. Encode CAML query in workflow logs
    4. Do not put timestamp in every line in workflow logs
    5. Optimization for not fetching workflow and action description during execution
    6. In query builder DateTime column condition, if ” or ‘Offset’ days is used, then not include time part in query
  • NITRO Forms:
    1. Fix for attachment upload not working in edit form if user has delete permissions at list level but not at item level
  • Branding:
    1. Update to latest Kendo UI libraries
  • Custom Actions:
    1. Fix for Invoke Workflow action configuration page freeze issue
    2. For Today and Offset days conditions, do not include time in query (only use date part)
  • NITRO Studio:
    1. On-prem: Use https to connect to NITRO Azure services
    2. Exception panel in NITRO and Portal page if not able to connect to NITRO Azure services
  • NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.100 Release: 01-10-2020
    NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.99 Release: 01-08-2020
    NITRO Studio- v1.1.0.98 Release: 01-07-2020


    • Cross-site collection support in NITRO Apps (Custom Actions, List Rollup, List Search, Tiles and Dials)
    • Custom Actions:

      1. Excel template option in Generate Document action
      2. For MS Word template in generate doc action, for linked items fetch data at run time (instead of using column saved HTML)
    • Email Sync: Support for mailbox alias for email filtering

    Bug fixes:

    • NITRO Apps: Additional checks for jQuery loading to avoid conflicts with other components
    • NITRO Forms:

      1. Change in overflow style for responsive mode to prevent hiding of user suggestions pop-up
      2. Fix for forms designer page not loading after creating default NITRO Forms for associated list
      3. Fix for Form Event Action page not loading when a column used in conditions is deleted from the list
      4. For percentage format number columns, add a space before percentage symbol (%)
      5. Tab permissions are not working correctly for sub-tabs
      6. In modern UI NITRO Forms, added styles to override color of visited links
      7. For lookup and user column mapping to document libraries (linked items -> New form), pass Id instead of display value of column
      8. For print button in NITRO Forms, check if NITRO is activated for the site or not (cross-site list view scenario)
    • List Search: In simple search mode, don’t search in number columns if entered text is not a number. This fix is required to remove invalid items from the search result
    • Portal: Updated error handling for ajax calls (use ‘error’ method instead of ‘failure’)
    • Branding: Fix for NITRO Forms not opening in dialog correctly when both branding and modern quick launch has setting to open in dialog
    • NITRO Reports: Average feature not working multi-series chart reports

v1.1.0.97 – Released: 12-30-2019


  • O365 Approval and Workflow App: Support for NITRO Signature column in emails (for Outlook Web)
  • Enhancements to NITRO Site repair (for URL change) feature for Portal/Workflows/Approval/Email Sync etc.
  • Cross Site Collection Support in NITRO Apps:

    1. Linked items App
    2. NITRO Forms: Lookup, Associated Items, Form key mapping etc.
    3. NITRO List View
  • NITRO List View: Performance improvements in loading linked items

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Apps: On delete, send item to recycle bin instead of deleting permanently
  • Workflow: In emails show currency symbol. Also, Yes/No instead of true/false
  • Custom Actions: In Modern UI SP List Views, fix for action executed only on first selected item
  • Email Sync: Graph API based email sync not working in some cases
v1.1.0.96 Release: 12-18-2019

  • NITRO Studio: New option to update NITRO configurations in site when site/site-collection URL is changed

Bug fixes:

  • Custom Actions:

    1. Fix to show message and hide progress control when action permission check fails
    2. For calculating business time, wait until site regional settings are loaded
    3. More error handling and logging for debugging
  • NITRO List Search and Reports: Support for number/currency type columns for item filtering (CAML query updates)
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Formatting calculated number type column value as per specified decimal places
    2. Support for single quote in file name for attachments

v1.1.0.95 – Released: 11-12-2019  //  v1.1.0.94 – Released: 11-12-2019


  • NITRO Workflows On-prem: New feature to invoke REST API

    1. Invoke REST APIs with SharePoint data to integrate with external systems
    2. Support for various types of authentication like OAuth 2.0
    3. Use web service response to create/update list items in SharePoint
    4. Support to parse JSON response in addition to Xml

Bug fixes:

  • Custom Actions and O365 Workflows: Minor UI enhancements and fixes for REST API action
  • Print: Item link and Edit Item Link issue if item title is empty (use item Id)
  • Branding:

    1. Expand/collapse ribbon button in modern sites is not visible properly
    2. Fix for quick launch hide option not working in modern UI
  • Portal: “Open Edit form after upload” option redirecting to error page when “Edit” item option is not selected in associated item settings
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Fix for Upload file not working (incorrect folder URL parameter)
    2. Added support for double quotes in multi-choice column values
  • Custom Actions: Updated exception handling to better capture the error message for error reporting feature
  • NITRO Apps settings pages: Handle keyboard enter button correctly in some page controls
  • NITRO Modern Apps: Update description for features in site features listing
  • Email Manager: Retry added if not able to fetch users for an SP Group
v1.1.0.93 Release: 12-5-2019  //  v1.1.0.92 Release: 12-5-2019

  • Workflows O365: New action to invoke REST API

    • Invoke REST APIs with SharePoint data to integrate with external systems
    • Support for various types of authentication like OAuth 2.0
    • Use web service response to create/update list items in SharePoint
    • Support to parse JSON response in addition to xml
  • Custom Actions: Enhancements for REST API Action

    • Support for various types of authentication like OAuth 2.0
    • Use web service response to create/update list items in SharePoint
    • Option to invoke API on server side (for security of credentials and CORS)
  • List View and Forms:

    • New option for Document Libraries to show items as flat or with folders. For folders option, show the folder navigation in list view bar
    • File upload dialog supports creation of: Document, Document set and Folder
    • File upload dialog has new option to select destination folder when uploading a document
    • When new document set is created, open the edit form so that user can set column values
  • NITRO Studio: Handle intermittent errors and retry for application installation and general NITRO operations

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:

    1. Restore legacy behavior for dynamic validations (only apply when explicitly selected in validation settings)
    2. Signature column not working in Modern UI Forms
    3. Resize when columns are shown dynamically due to permissions

v1.1.0.91 Release: 11-27-2019


  • Workflow Manager On-prem:
      • Query list support in delete item action
      • Support for document library as target in Create Item action
      • Copy attachments from Query List item to target item
      • When document library is the source, support to use the library document as attachment for target item
      • Hide ‘Query’ option in update/Manage permissions/Delete actions as we ‘Query List’ option is available now. Show it only for legacy cases where it is used in a workflow
      • Minor UI updates in Manage permissions/Update/Delete/Invoke Workflow actions
      • Show only two decimal places in scheduled report
    • NITRO Forms:

      • Added a new option in validations to evaluate dynamically:

Bug fixes:

  • List Rollup:

    1. Fix to not show time part in date only columns
    2. Fix for sorting based on user column
    3. Handle ‘edit’ column correctly and show the item edit icon
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. SP On-premises: Fix for duplicate values in Discussion column when form has some validations configured
    2. Fix for signature column not showing user name and time details
  • Workflow Manager Online and On-premises:

    1. Fix in aggregate functions (e.g. average) for scheduled reports
    2. Fix for business days calculation when start date is later than end date
    3. Filter some read-only columns from column mappings and lookup drop-downs
    4. Minor fixes and changes in loading list object outside the loop for query list cases
v1.1.0.90 Release: 11-20-2019

  1. Workflow Manager Online:

    1. Support to create Doc lib item in Create item action (if main list or the query list is a document library)
    2. Attachments:
  • i. Support to copy attachments from Query list item (until now only attachments from main item were supported)
  • ii. If workflow list or query list is a document library, then copy the library document to item as attachment
  1. List View: Added support to show web part title (advanced setting JSON option – “ShowWebpartTitle” : true)
  2. Custom Actions: Added “UserCollection” function (similar to NITRO Workflows)
  3. List Search: Added support for document libraries

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Fix for conditions not working (code issue)
  • NITRO Apps: Show boolean value as Yes/No (instead of true/false) in List Rollup and List Search
  • List Rollup: Fix for issue if ampersand is used in column name
  • NITRO Forms: Fix issue with copy paste html in multi-line text field in IE
  • Workflow Manager:
    • Fix for determining correct number of business days between two dates
    • Fix for workflows upgraded from old app not working when Query List action is used

v1.1.0.89 Release: 11-13-2019 // v1.1.0.88 Release: 11-12-2019


  • Approval App: Support for MS Graph API based connection to mailbox
  • Custom Actions:

    1. New feature: Debug custom action execution to find and fix issues
    2. Empty the list actions setting file instead of deleting it to preserve the version history
    3. To guard against accidental loss of custom action configurations, save list custom actions in a backup file (Site Assets/CCS/Backup)
    4. Option to overwrite attachment in generate document and upload document actions
  • List View, List Rollup and NITRO Forms: Open library documents in browser instead of downloading (Word/Excel/Pdf etc.)
  • NITRO Forms: UI improvements for version enabled multi-line text fields
  • NITRO Forms: Column validation enhancements

    1. For validation errors, expand tabs/sections up to any level for columns having validation errors
    2. Error icon for nested tab/sections
    3. On column value change, do validation for the column and other columns where this column is used in validation conditions
  • List Rollup new features:

    1. Support for document libraries
    2. Sorting options
    3. Launch form in dialog
    4. Automatic refresh
    5. Max width
    6. Items per page
    7. Max items per list (limiting the items to load from the list)
    8. Fixed Row Height
    9. Show Grid Lines
    10. Row Alternate Color
    11. Refresh button
    12. Row filtering
    13. Specify column width option
    14. Settings UI updates
    15. New Item link options (specify name, allow at list level etc.)
    16. NITRO Form key selection for New Form
    17. Support for columns: Title with menu, Title with link, Edit item column. Show ECB menu
  • Workflow Manager (Online)

    1. Decimal places fix in scheduled reports
    2. Support for deleting items returned in Query List action
    3. Date format fix for before change values
    4. Support for document libraries in Query List action (Create/Update/Delete/Permissions actions can now use doc lib items returned in Query List action)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:
    1. Attachments opening in form dialog instead of separate browser tab
    2. If lookup is delay load or search enabled, then in new form opened from associated items, mapped column values are not getting filled up
    3. For Group column permissions, in “When to apply this permission” section, user columns drop-down is empty
  • NITRO Apps: Fix grid sorting issues (e.g. in for column permission/validation, custom action column mapping etc.)
  • Branding: Skip the ribbon from google translation
  • NITRO Apps: Modern UI – Fix for NITRO components not loading correctly when navigating from other sites (resetting page context info based on changed URL)
v1.1.0.87 Release: 10-29-2019

  • NITRO Reports – New feature for Report Customization: JavaScript option to modify chart properties
  • List Rollup and Reports: Support for managed metadata columns
  • NITRO Apps common code: On intermittent SharePoint operation errors (http 5XX), retry up to 3 times
  • Custom Actions: Added retries for intermittent SharePoint operation errors. Bug fixes:

    1. Fix in Generate Document when uploading to specified folder
    2. Fix for upload file URL path exceeding 255 chars
    3. Show relevant error if custom action settings file is deleted
    4. Handle case where Item Id is not passed for action execution (e.g. invoking via JavaScript)
    5. Added a help note for “Run for” option for multi-lookup columns
  • Classic Theme Builder:

    1. Support for query string parameter (CCSMode=1) to show the suite bar and command bar
    2. Alignment fixes in pre-built themes

Bug fixes:

  • Linked Items: Fix to stop scrolling to top on adding/saving item in inline editing mode
  • Print:

    1. Fix for list print not working if number of items are more than 250
    2. Print not working for date type calculated columns
  • Workflow Manager On-prem:

    1. For scheduled report, fix for JavaScript files reference links in generated html report
    2. For timer based workflow, fix in the code to not access site properties using user context
  • List Search: Support for column type “LinkTitleNoMenu”
  • List View:

    1. Support for ‘Edit’ properties column for document libraries
    2. Support for boolean calculated columns (value stored is 0 or 1)
  • NITRO Forms: Fix for section background color going out of section area
  • Tiles: Fix for sp.js load timing issues in IE browser

v1.1.0.86 Release: 10-24-2019 // v1.1.0.85 Release: 10-23-2019


  • NITRO Common Forms:

    1. Changes to various components like KB Search, List Search and List Rollup to open common forms as per NITRO site settings
    2. Lookup column value link in NITRO forms: Open in common/existing form as per the main form
    3. For unsupported lists (e.g. Calendar), always open list default form
    4. Custom Actions: For redirecting to New/Edit form, use Modern/Classic/Common for as per the Display form from which custom action is invoked
    5. Branding: Support for opening common forms in dialog
    6. Form key override settings at site level in NITRO Forms configuration
    7. Associated items settings: Check if associated list supports NITRO Forms
  • Workflow Manager:

    1. Support login name/email in UserCollection function
    2. beforeChange column placeholder support in mail templates to get the previous value of column for item update event
    3. Placeholder/functions support for mail recipients
    4. Today and Now support in mail template

Bug fixes:

  • List View: Show form override settings in classic UI NITRO list view
  • Branding: Fix for command bar not visible in forms in some cases
v1.1.0.84 Release: 10-17-2019 // v1.1.0.83 Release: 10-15-2019

  • Custom Actions: New feature to Export and import custom action settings
  • Workflow Manager: Support for MS Graph API based connection to mailbox
  • Branding: Theme builder UI and functionality enhancements
  • NITRO Forms: Support to specify multiple columns in permission/validation for logged in user check
  • NITRO Forms:

    1. New common list forms for SharePoint classic UI. Existing classic NITRO forms are separate for each list and installed in list folder
    2. New option in NITRO Site settings to use list level or common forms for opening cross-site list items in classic UI
    3. Changes in NITRO list view component to open new common form as per NITRO site settings
  • Service Catalog: New component that can be added in classic pages manually (JSON configuration file, no UI for settings yet). Already available in Modern UI and portal
  • NITRO Lookup: Tooltip popup UI update and positioning as per available space

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Hyperlink column text going beyond form width
  • NITRO Forms: Multiline text field not showing data when read-only in some cases
  • Link Tiles: Fix for JavaScript not getting saved in tiles configuration
  • KB and List Search: Fixes in delay load functionality
  • List View: Fix for Color KPI not working when row filtering is enabled

v1.1.0.82 Release: 10-04-2019


  • NITRO Branding (Classic UI): New feature – Configurable theme templates, cascading header links, new portal theme etc.
  • NITRO Applications: Licensing change to always install applications with 45 day trial license
  • External Data Columns: Added support to write back to database (requires custom script on form)
  • External Data Columns: Search option in drop-down control

Bug fixes:

  • External Data Columns: Show column value in edit form even though value not fetched from database records
  • NITRO Workflows: Exception handling for special chars in column mapping
  • Conditional Formatting: Fix for feature not working for currency type column in Modern SP List views
v1.1.0.81 Release: 09-28-2019 // v1.1.0.80 Release: 09-26-2019

  • Email Sync: Support for MS Graph API based connection to mailbox
  • Workflow Manager On-prem: New feature – Export and import workflow settings
  • Modern UI: Updates as per latest SPFx framework for list ribbon and ECB buttons for NITRO components and custom actions
  • NITRO Site settings: Live Chat Integration option (similar to NITRO portal)
  • NITRO Site settings: New feature for Security Settings (similar to NITRO portal)

Bug fixes:

  • Tabs Component: Fix for Tabs not getting loaded in Modern UI
  • Print Manager: Buttons (e.g. export to PDF) not visible in iPhone when print template width is increased
  • Email Sync: Remove hidden/read-only columns from column selection configuration
  • Tiles and Dials: Fix for cross-site case not working
  • NITRO List View: Bug fix for delay load case, link to load items is not visible

v1.1.0.79 Release: 09-19-2019


  • Email Sync: Support for API based access to mailbox (OAuth)
  • NITRO Admin Dashboard: Support to filter tasks from the task progress chart (e.g. based on status)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: In settings UI, added text to clarify the validation configuration
  • Custom Actions: Show action name in case of error and some UI updates for action execution dialog
  • NITRO Apps: Fix for missing scroll bar when settings page is invoked from application administration
  • NITRO Forms: Fix for version history not showing for multi-user column
  • Email Sync: Removed hidden columns from sync configuration options
NITRO Studio Version is not incremented by the updates done for this week.

  • NITRO Secure Release: NITRO version that does not use Crow Canyon services hosted in Azure and all files are referenced from local server
  • Workflow Manager Online and On-prem:
    – Option to send mail as html or plain text
    – Support copying attachments cross-site for create item action
    – Handling for deleted groups in permission actions
  • Approval App: New feature to send notification emails via an O365 mailbox (in addition to SendGrid)
  • NITRO Forms: Function to format multi-lookup column data as a table and save in a text field
    – Useful for printing list of items selected in lookup column as a table
    – Function name: window.ccs_g_FormUI.getLinkedListItemsasTable

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Show currency fields with proper format in item display form
  • Portal Forms: Fix for “FormKey” query string parameter in lookup item display form link
  • Custom Actions: Fix to work with migrated lists (e.g. from SP 2010)
  • NITRO Forms: Fix for not able to revert the section UI background color once the color is applied
  • Workflow Manager:
    – O365: Logging and error handling for user triggered workflows (from NITRO Custom Actions)
    – On-prem: For date only fields, only put the date value in emails and not the time part

v1.1.0.78 Release: 09-05-2019

New features and enhancements:

  • KB Search Web part: Support for delay load of data to speed up page load
  • List Search: Enhancements for lists with more than 5K items. Run query separately for each indexed column and merge the results
  • NITRO Custom Actions and Workflows – Query List updates:
    – Support for row limit
    – Support for sorting based on column and sort order
    – In Query builder added support for different column types like Lookup, User and Datetime

Bug fixes:

  • List Rollup: Support for columns with name having special characters like comma, number, semi-colon
  • Custom Actions: Delete Item Action – Fix for ‘Run for’ option not getting persisted
  • Email Manager and Print: Support for logged-in user’s work phone placeholder
v1.1.0.77 Release: 08-29-2019
New features and enhancements:

  • List View and List Rollup: Support for delay load of data to speed up page load
  • NITRO Tabs component: Load the web parts when tab is shown to speed up page load
  • Export to Excel Button: In Modern SP list views, hide depending on NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
  • User Request Dashboard: Support for selecting the default view (improve performance by not having to load all items)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:
    – If attachment column is read-only, hide the attachment delete button
    – Fix for repeated login prompt for cross-site scenarios
    – Fix for form width not getting set in some scenarios
  • NITRO Apps: For person and group columns, don’t allow distribution groups (Email Manager, NITRO Forms, Custom Actions)
  • NITRO Forms: Update to save process:
    – Validate columns before invoking submit action
    – Validate again after submit action custom script execution
    – If submit script is updating column values, then on validation failures invoke the callback function (if provided) to let the script revert any column value changes
    – Submit action script can stop validations if required
  • NITRO List View: Performance fixes for linked items placeholder feature

v1.1.0.76 Release: 08-23-2019


  • NITRO Activation (Online and On-prem):
    Create outgoing email workflows automatically on NITRO activation
  • NITRO Site Settings:
    UI with expandable sections
    – Settings to specify groups allowed for Export to Excel and NITRO Print features
  • NITRO List View:
    – New feature: Export to Excel
    – In Linked Items display link, support for custom text with column placeholders
  • Standard SharePoint Export to Excel Button:
    – In classic SharePoint list view, hide depending on NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
  • NITRO Export to Excel feature:
    – In NITRO list view, hide depending on List View settings and NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
    – In NITRO list search, hide depending on List search settings and NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
  • NITRO List and Item Print button:
    – In NITRO list view, hide depending on List View settings and NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
    – For SP list views/item forms/NITRO Forms, allow print based on NITRO site settings (allowed groups)
  • List Search:
    – New feature: Export to Excel
  • NITRO Forms:
    – For validation errors show a message at top right as sometimes users don’t notice the message shown below individual columns

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms:
    – Fix for column label settings not getting applied in designer in some cases
    – Fix for table layout when switching from common to separate forms
    – Fix for column mappings not working for linked items for some cases
  • Email Manager:
    – Bug fix for logged-in user placeholders

v1.1.0.75 Release: 08-15-2019


  • NITRO Studio: Page to show licensing information for all site collections
  • NITRO List Search: Enhancements and bug fixes
    – Handle list view threshold errors and show meaningful message to user
    – Allow column selection for basic search so that indexed columns can be used
    – Separate out the advanced search and saved filters button
    – List search not working when ‘edit’ column is added to view
    – Print diagnostic information and CAML query in console log for debugging issues
    – Fix for Date column search using advanced filter not working (Example: Created equals 08/07/2019)
  • NITRO List View: Enhancements and bug fixes
    – Auto-refresh list view data after specified time interval
    – Support for standard ‘edit’ column to open the item edit form from view
    – Enhance the display of the filter drop down boxes (Issue: Too narrow and the option are very difficult to filter)
    – Fix for filtering not working with date columns in some cases
  • NITRO Apps: Update to pages used to add app parts to site pages (List Search, List View, Reports, Tiles, List Rollup)
    – Filter out Modern UI pages as these can be directly edited to add the app parts
    – Link to navigate to the selected page
    – Other minor UI updates
    – NITRO Print and Email Manager: Support for placeholders – Today, Now, Site, List, User

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Fix for not able to set row height property for second table onwards
  • NITRO Forms: Show decimal places as per columns settings for Lookup list column of number type

v1.1.0.73 Release: 08-08-2019 //  v1.1.0.74 Release: 08-09-2019


  • NITRO Reports: Feature to configure reports on list rollup (reports can be based on data from multiple lists)
  • NITRO Studio: Support for sites with URL having special characters (e.g. quote character). Released for provider hosted apps like Workflow Manager, Approval App etc.

Bug fixes:

  • List Rollup:
    –  Option to specify rollup column data type. This is required when rollup is used in NITRO Reports

    –  If Date value is empty then show blank instead of showing a default minimum date value
    – Fix to handle column names with special characters
  •  NITRO Lookup: Support for hyperlink type of column for data copy (column mappings to copy data from lookup list item to current item)
  • NITRO Workflows:
    – UI elements alignment fixes in Workflow configuration
    – “After Change” conditions not working correctly if there are spaces at the beginning/end of column value
  • NITRO Forms: Text updates for new permissions and validations options

v1.1.0.72 – Release: 08-2-2019


  • Column Permissions and Validations option to Apply to forms invoked from – List Views, Custom Actions, Associated Items Grid
  • NITRO Studio: Support for sites with URL having special characters (e.g. quote character).
    This is released for some NITRO Apps, work is in progress for rest of the apps
  • Custom Actions: Retry item load in case of intermittent error. Updated error handling to show error message in UI

Bug fixes:

  • Approval App: Task edit item link for approver for their respective approval task
  • Modern UI: Issue in List Search, KB Search and Service Catalog (for Salkeiz) – If Web URL ends with “/” then trim it
  • NITRO Forms: Some updates for rendering forms in mobile browsers
  • NITRO Forms: Not allow save if form load is not complete. This is to prevent saving lookup columns with blank value in case loading is slow due to many items in lookup list

v1.1.0.71 – Release: 07-25-2019

New Features & Enhancements:

  • NITRO Reports:
    – Support for rendering reports based on data from multiple views
    – Caching support for columns and View Query to improve report loading time
  • Workflow Manager Online and On-prem: Support for monthly scheduled report

Bug fixes:

  • External Data Columns: Fix for values not populating in Edit form (in Portal and Modern UI item forms)
  • Modern UI Branding: Option to hide “Next Steps” using “Hide Promoted Actions” settings under “Header”
  • NITRO Forms: Change in sequence of events for item save – Pre Save script to be executed after form validations and just before item save
  • NITRO Reports:
    – If Row (y-axis) is not specified, then drill-down is not working
    – If value shown in report is (None), then drill-down is not working. Instead of (None), filter should have empty value
    – Read and show date time column data as per site time zone settings (Note: Need to re-add report web part to the page for this fix)
    – Bug fixes in report data filtering feature for certain scenarios
  • Report Configuration: Make required settings as mandatory as per the selected options in UI
v1.1.0.70 – Release: 07-19-2019

  • Portal Forms: Options to apply permissions and validations to – New / Edit / Display forms
  • Portal Forms: For Multiple lines of text added option for Editor type (Classic / Inline)
  • Modern UI NITRO Forms: External Data column Support
  • NITRO Forms: Basic support for external data lists (Business Connectivity Services)
  • NITRO Forms and Portal: Support for forms based on list Content Types
  • Approval App: Separate mail to each approver with a link to their respective approval task

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Permissions not working properly in forms upgraded from old Forms manager (due to recently added option for form type in permissions and validations)
  • NITRO Forms designer: Not able to delete Column / Line HTML / Other elements in sub-sections and tabs via the delete (‘X’) button
  • NITRO Forms: “UI” section in tab settings doesn’t show any options in some cases
  • Workflow Manager: Handle scenario where lookup list is invalid
  • Workflow Manager: Fix for CAML query in Query List action
  • Custom Actions: Update in CSS for SharePoint 2019 for custom actions not working
  • Email Manager and Custom Action: Set Email type (incoming/outgoing), main list Id and Item Id in the Email History list
  • Custom Action: In Send Email Action, support for adding attachments in history item even if history list is renamed
  • NITRO Site Activation: Update to check for ‘Site Pages’ library for non-English sites
v1.1.0.69 – Release: 07-16-2019

  • NITRO Settings – ‘Alternate Access Mapping’ support based on URLs specified in the NITRO site settings
v1.1.0.68 – Release: 07-15-2019

  • Portal Forms: Options to apply permissions and validations to – New/ Edit/ Display forms
  • NITRO Forms: Support for External data lists
  • NITRO Forms: Support for forms based on Content Types
  • Approval App: Separate mail to each approver with a link to their respective approval task
  • Custom Actions – In Add/Update list item actions, option for NITRO Forms mode (inline / iframe)

Bug fixes:

  • NITRO Forms: Permissions not working properly in forms upgraded from old Forms manager (due to recently added option for form type in permissions and validations)
  • NITRO Forms designer: Not able to delete column/line HTML/other elements in sub-sections and tabs via the delete (‘X’) button
  • NITRO Settings: ‘Alternate Access Mapping’ URL change based on URLs specified in the NITRO site settings only
  • Custom Actions: Option to open NITRO Form for add/update item inline or in an iFrame
v1.1.0.67 – Release: 07-12-2019

  • NITRO Forms: Options to apply column and group permissions and validations to
  • New/ Edit/ Display forms
  • NITRO Forms: For Multiple lines of rich text column, option to show editor as ‘Classic’ or ‘Inline’. Classic is the standard control as it exists today and is the default option. ‘
  • ‘Inline’ is new mode with floating toolbar and this control loads faster and is more suited to mobile devices
  • NITRO Reports: Option to sort data in table by column/row based on total value in column/row
  • KB Web part: Sorting options based on created date / item title
  • Custom Actions – Added ‘Count’ function for Query list items

Bug fixes:

  • Custom Action: In generate document action remove special characters from file name (for cases where file name is generated based on column placeholders)
  • NITRO Forms: Fix for attachments not working
  • NITRO List View: Linked items column shows text as ‘undefined’ in the list view
v1.1.0.66 – Release: 07-05-2019
NITRO On-prem: Support for sites having multiple URLs (sites using Alternate Access Mapping)
v1.1.0.65 – Release: 07-02-2019

  • Workflow Online:
    – Support for Item Content Type support in conditions and field mapping
    – Logging updates to better track status of each WF executed for an event
    – Maintain separate status in Db for Success/Fail and Type of trigger (by user, another app, WF etc.)
  • Approval App: If main item title is blank then set it to “No Title” and use this text in email links
  • Email functionality in Custom Actions and Email Manager: Support for SP Groups in user columns for sending email. Get all users of the group to get recipients

Bug fixes:

  • Modern UI: Quick launch Icons are not visible because of recent microsoft updates
  • Custom Action: Not working for lookup list item cases with recent update. Fixed by updating caching related code
  • Color KPI On-prem: License check fix to pass Web URL correctly
  • Custom Actions: Query list action of type ‘List View’ and ‘Related Items’ is not working
  • Data Sync: Option to remove unsupported characters from data before adding in SharePoint lists
  • Custom actions: Fix for passing pre-defined column values to NITRO Forms (Create/Update item)
  • Portal Designer: Options to “Hide Edit Button” and “Hide Save button” are not visible
  • NITRO and Portal Forms: In display form Linked items column not hiding new/edit button when read permission is applied
v1.1.0.64 – Release: 06-28-2019

  • Workflow On-prem: Logging updates
  • Workflow Online: Logging updates

Bug fixes:

  • Version conflict issue with attachments in NITRO Forms (for users having full control permissions)
  • Print and Associated Items enhancement to support special currency characters
  • Modern UI Portal – Menu links are not showing when we open the portal site
  • Workflow On-prem: Hive log errors on item update event
  • Workflow On-prem and Online: Support for item content type in conditions
  • Workflow On-prem and Online: Fix error for “IsEmpty” operator for infinite loop check

v1.1.0.63 Release: 06-19-2019


  • Option to lock a NITRO site for update (for internal feature reviews by sales team before release)
  • Portal Updates:
        Table Layout and associated settings at table/cell level
        Enhanced column label and description options. And option to override these at the individual column level
        Setting to show choice column options as horizontal or vertical
        Portal Forms preview feature
        Advanced option in associated items “Aggregate Value” to use JavaScript for custom calculations
        Read-only functionality for associated items column. New, Edit and Delete buttons are hidden if column is made read only by column permissions
        Column placeholders support in Line/HTML control (Syntax: [Column Internal Name] or [Column Display Name|Column Internal Name])
  • Attachment enhancements in both NITRO Forms and Portal:
        Associated Items as attachments on document libraries
        Convert multi-line plain text columns to attachment column. Each such column will track attachments added to it (unlike common attachments with standard functionality)

Bug fixes:

  • Data Sync: Bug fixes for update of items when no information has changed
  • Product App: Handle case when some hidden fields are deleted. Avoid continuous updates to items for any exception case.
  • Form controls alignment issue (PSUF)
  • Hide “Attach Files” ribbon button if standard attachment control is removed from the NITRO Forms

v1.1.0.62 Release: 06-14-2019


  • Approval App: Create custom list for tasks and enable versioning.
  • Portal updates

Bug fixes:

  • Workflow Manager: Fixes in upgrading workflow from old app to new app (Francescas)
  • [Pending] Custom Actions: Create/Update action
  • Default selection for the type of Form used for item update

v1.1.0.61 – Release: 06-07-2019

Bug fixes:

  • Approval App: Fix for condition evaluation
  • Portal: Open the edit form after file upload if document library has any mandatory fields (for upload invoked via menu link)
  • Attachment column in Print / Mail templates / Advanced Email / Custom Actions.
    Support for only file names and file names with links
  • On-premises data sync: Option to not clear existing data in table for new sync (Performance Services archived Tickets)
  • On-prem Workflow Manager licensing updates
  • Settings page license check and expiry message
  • Backend database updates to distinguish between NITRO activation and just WF configurations

v1.1.0.61 – Release: 05-29-2019


  • NITRO Forms:
      – Table Layout and associated settings at table/cell level
      –  Read-only functionality for associated items column. New, Edit and Delete buttons are hidden if column is made read only by column permissions
      – Column placeholders support in Line/HTML control (Syntax: [Column Internal Name] or [Column Display Name|Column Internal Name])
      –  Enhanced column label and description options. And option to override these at the individual column level
      – Advanced option in associated items “Aggregate Value” to use JavaScript for custom calculations
      – NITRO Forms preview feature
      – Setting to show choice column options as horizontal or vertical
  • Workflow Manager Online: Query List enhancements: Fetch items by related items, view, query builder. Done for both event based and timer based workflows
  • Email Sync:
       – Updates for Exchange 2019 (Smithville customer)
       – Upgrade to .Net framework for both Web and Service Solutions to fix the Exchange Connection issue with Exchange 2019
       – Added support for domainusername format for mailbox username
       – Test Exchange Connection updates to show correct exception message in case of error

Bug fixes:

  • Custom Action NITRO Form multi choice bug fix (choice check box options were not visible)
  • NITRO Form Column Label bug fix (for forms that were configured to show description, the recent change was not backward compatible)
  • Custom Actions: Bug fix for permissions evaluation when more than one SharePoint group is specified
  • Configurable portal: Fix for “Portal Settings” button not visible for some customers
  • NITRO Activation: Create ‘Processed’ column in ‘Send Mails’ and ‘CrowCanyonAppsEmails’ lists. This column is used to track the email processing
  • NITRO Activation: Changes to permissions for CCSItemAttachments folder in Site Assets:
  • Give permissions to ‘Everyone’ if group exists
  • Else, check if ‘Everyone except external users’ group exists and give permissions
  • Else, give permissions to all groups in the site
v1.1.0.60 – Release: 05-22-2019

  • Custom Actions:
    – Added a parameter in mapping function querylistactionname##$variablecollection. If ‘unique’ is passed as parameter value then it filters out duplicates to return only distinct values
    – Minor UI bug fixes (label/control alignments)
    – Popup dialog, Input controls related bug fix (properly show/hide controls as per dialogs)
    – Query List
    – Remove not contains from Query Builder option as SharePoint CAML does not support it
v1.1.0.59 – Release: 05-17-2019

  • Custom Actions: In Query List Action, added more option to “Get Item(s) From”:
    – Related Items: Fetch items from selected list based on lookup column and view
    – List View: Fetch items from selected list based on selected view
    – Query Builder: Fetch items from selected list as per the conditions specified in condition builder
    – Full details here:
v1.1.0.58 – Release: 04-27-2019

  • NITRO Reports: 
    – Export to Excel
    – Calculations on Number, Currency Field: Count as %, Sum as %, Range, Std Deviation
    – Calculations on Date Field: Count as %, Min, Max and Range
    – Calculations on all other standard columns: Count as %
    – Configuration for table cell tooltip value
    – Column, Row sorting
v1.1.0.57 – Release: 04-26-2019
Bug fixes:

  • Date Parsing issue in all NITRO Apps
  • Onprem – Custom Actions: Generate document Action Merge Field fixes
  • List Search cross-site list form fixes
v1.1.0.56 – Release: 04-17-2019

  • Custom Actions: Added execution status, whether to show or hide this action from user during execution. This does not affect the action execution, only changes the visibility to the user. Options are ‘Always show’ / ‘Show if conditions matched’ / ‘Never show’
v1.1.0.55 – Release: 04-17-2019

  • Reports: Multi-series charts
v1.1.0.54 – Release: 04-10-2019

  • NITRO Forms: Advanced settings in the column right panel (Lookup, Associated Item, Form Event Actions etc.)
  • NITRO List View: Added button to refresh items
  • Update: In NITRO Apps settings, do not show personal list views anywhere
  • NITRO Forms: Added Form height options when opened in dialog: Dynamic (default behavior) and Full Screen. This is done to stop height changes and scroll bar movement when columns are shown/hidden due to dynamic permissions
v1.1.0.53 – Release: 04-04-2019

  • Custom Action: New feature to Invoke MicroSoft Flow
v1.1.0.52 – Release: 04-01-2019

  • Support for Calculated Columns in Condition builder used in various NITRO Apps
  • Remove Hidden List views from all NITRO Apps
  • Bug fix: NITRO Forms UI to be responsive when invoked as part of Custom Actions
  • Bug fix: Branding issue in SharePoint 2019 default theme (Office)
  • Bug fix: Check-in the file on uploading a new file in document libraries using NITRO Form
v1.1.0.51 – Release: 03-25-2019

  • Reports – add more chart types – Donut, Radar Line, Radar Area, RadarColumn, Stacked Areas, Stacked Bars and Stacked Columns
  • Document Library Support in NITRO Apps
       – Email Manager – Print Manager
       – Conditional Formatting
       – Custom Actions
       – Send Mail Action
       – Mail Templates

v1.1.0.50 Release: 03-19-2019

  • Bug fix: Custom Actions – managed MetaData issue in SharePoint 2013 Foundation

v1.1.0.49 Release: 03-15-2019

  • NITRO Forms: Tab/Section color and icon setting in designer

v1.1.0.48 – Release: 03-13-2019

  • Custom Actions – managed MetaData support in action

v1.1.0.47- Release: 03-11-2019

  • List View Enhancements-
       – Show Views as Tabs
       – Show Grid Lines
       – Enable Row Filtering
       – Row Alternate Color
       – Links List Support
  • Bug fix: lookup column data list not exist(deleted).
  • Reports drill-down support on full date
  • Tiles and Arc – added setting for panel background color
v1.1.0.46 – Release: 03-08-2019

  • Custom Actions- upload document action
  • Added option to show folder picker dialog
  • Bug fix: Library threshold limit exceed issue – while upload file in specific folder.
v1.1.0.45 – Release: 03-01-2019

  • NITRO Forms – added feature for nested tabs and sections in forms
  • NITRO Forms – support for 3 and 4 columns option in form layout
  • List View – added support for Linked Items Columns and Conditional Formatting in both Classic and Modern UI
  • NITRO Application Setup – update SharePoint list properties – quick edit enable/disable
  • Tiles – added body font setting in Linked Tiles
v1.1.0.44 – Release: 02-28-2019

  • NITRO Forms – added feature for nested tabs and sections in forms
  • NITRO Forms – support for 3 and 4 columns option in form layout
  • List View – added support for Linked Items Columns and Conditional Formatting in both Classic and Modern UI
  • NITRO Application Setup – update SharePoint list properties – quick edit enable/disable
  • Tiles – added body font setting in Linked Tiles
v1.1.0.39 – Release: 02-19-2019

  • NITRO Apps – added List View App for SharePoint Classic UI site
  • NITRO Forms – added feature for external data based Columns (SQL data)
  • List Rollup – open dialog in classic page if NITRO Forms are not supported for that List (e.g. Calendar list)
  • Modern UI – bug fix in List Rollup and List view related to opening the forms in correct modal dialog
v1.1.0.36-38 – Release: 02-07-2019

  • Linked Tiles – added support for Permissions and Tile Preview UI
  • List Search – added permissions on filters
  • NITRO Forms – Lookup Settings – added option to “open edit form after file upload” for document libraries
  • NITRO Forms – big fix for redirect issue after form submission
v1.1.0.30-35 – Release: 01-21-2019

  • NITRO Forms
       – New feature: Column Group permissions
  • Linked Items
       – Asset Document Library support
       – Option to open edit properties form for document libraries
       – License check for on-premises SharePoint solution
  • Conditional Formatting Column
       – License check for on-premises SharePoint solution
  • Custom Actions
       – Added Delete Item action
       – Generate Document action
       – Added action in on-premises SharePoint
       – Upload file in specific folder
       – Added business hours function in Column Mapping
       – Action Completion message
  • Modern UI
       – Branding enhancements