IT Asset Management
for SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 or
Office 365, Teams, & SharePoint Online

Every organization needs to efficiently manage its hardware and software assets. With no or minimal tracking, assets get lost, they are not maintained properly, and new ones that are not needed are ordered, resulting in a substantial waste of time, money, and resources. Gain control of your IT Assets with ease and this time-saving software!

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Powerful Asset Tracking in SharePoint and Office 365

Asset Tracking works with our Help Desk to enable tracking of any type of asset: computers, servers, buildings, equipment, vehicles, and many other assets. Gain real-time visibility of IT equipment and software assets.

Trouble tickets are often related to an asset. Staff and managers need to track information about company assets. Linking tickets to assets is key to cost-saving efforts in equipment and facilities maintenance.

Accurate Asset Tracking Saves Time, Money, and Effort

Keeping IT asset records current is a challenge. But if you don’t, you could be losing money, spending more than you need to, or using staff for record-keeping and research when they could be deployed more productively.

Missing inventory could be invisible for months. You could be duplicating equipment, overbuying, or spending on maintenance agreements for equipment you’re not using. Repairs are more frequent than they should be because regular maintenance schedules aren’t being kept. Equipment warranty, contract, lease and maintenance information isn’t readily available.

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Crow Canyon Asset Tracking for SharePoint / Office 365 delivers an efficient solution. Built on the SharePoint platform and fully integrated with Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk application, Asset Tracking supplies real-time answers to the key questions about your assets.

  • Who is using the asset?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Where is it located?
  • How many are in use? On the shelf?
  • What software and hotfixes are installed on it?
  • Is it under warranty or support contract?
  • Does it need upgrading?
  • What maintenance is due and at what cost?

Key Features of Crow Canyon’s Customer IT Asset Management
for SharePoint & Office 365

  • Detailed Asset Information
    Track detailed information about each asset, including location, owner, status and more.

  • Integrates with Help Desk
    Easily integrates with Crow Canyon’s Help Desk for SharePoint to provide full-spectrum support and service to employees and customers.

  • Alerts and Notifications
    Get alerts on asset maintenance, contract renewals, requests, issues, moves, and more.

  • Recurring Maintenance Tasks
    Recurring maintenance tasks and schedules can be set up to track repairs and routine service.

  • Mobile Devices
    View and update assets through smartphone or tablet. Get maintenance tasks and tickets while out in the field.

  • Integrates with Lansweeper, SCCM
    Connect with SCCM, Lansweeper or other network inventory tools to collect IT Asset information automatically over the network.

  • Link to Warranties, Manuals, Docs
    Important documents such as warranties, manuals, and purchase orders, are linked to the asset and readily available for reference.

  • Track Software License Usage
    Track software purchases, versions, where used, and support terms – and get automatic reminders for contract and license renewals.

  • Reports & Dashboards
    Visual displays of asset status, usage, maintenance needs. Use built-in reports or create your own.

  • Barcoding & QR Codes
    Enhance asset and inventory tracking with barcoding and QR code capabilities.

  • Purchasing Module Available
    Purchasing / Procurement module can be added to manage purchase and intake of assets.

  • Checkin / Checkout
    Know who is using the asset, how long they need it, and when it will be returned

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