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Customer Support & Customer Service Management application in SharePoint

Customer Support Software application for SharePoint and Office 365

Powerful program tracks customer support and service requests from start to finish. Drive customer satisfaction. Improve service levels.

Link service and support requests with customer records in CRMs, MS Dynamics, databases, or SharePoint for a full view of customer engagement. Many uses, with one sure to fit your needs!

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customer service support SharePoint Office 365

Customer Service * Product Support * Client Services * Field Service * Membership Support * E-Commerce

Customer Support for SharePoint helps you deliver exceptional customer service.

sharepoint customer support software

  • Improve customer service quickly and cost effectively
  • Raise staff productivity, accountability and effectiveness
  • Gain visibility at the Account, Contact, Opportunity and Product/Service level
  • Integrates with existing CRM and Contact Management systems
  • Easy to use, implement and customize to your needs
  • Get more return on your existing technology investment

Automate these types of customer support / customer service requests and more:

  • Problem, incident tracking
  • Technical support issues
  • Shipment questions
  • Order status inquiries
  • Schedule service appointments
  • Product information requests
  • Product returns
  • Complaints
  • Product Upgrades and releases
  • Built in Account/Contact Manager or link with popular applications

Immediate Benefits

  • Increase customer service staff productivity by providing an easy to use, centralized point, for managing customer requests
  • Improve support team communication by automating the request, routing and tracking process
  • Reduce time consuming follow-up phone calls for request status and more information
  • Improve efficiency and compliance by standardizing request procedures and process
  • More effectively measure service levels>, response times and costs for requests
  • Get more return out of your existing Microsoft investment
  • Significantly increase overall operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Key Features

Multiple Ways to Create Requests

Requests can be initiated by email, web, Outlook, or phone — or our Customer Portal.

Runs in SharePoint and Office 365

Install easily on your existing SharePoint on-premises (2010, 2013, 2016) or Office 365 system.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal option for external customers to create and view requests.

Flexible Support Options

Can be used to support customers, clients, members, consumers, accounts, partners, vendors, and more.

Automatically Route Requests

Automatically route to responsible department or individual for assignment and fulfillment.

Flexible Assignment Options

Assign to one or many staff; split ticket into multiple tickets; assign to teams, with round-robin capabilities.

Email History Record

Emails coming to and going from the Support Desk are recorded on the Request.

Routine Response Templates

Information and responses for routine requests are readily available to send to customer.

Alerts and Notifications

Set up alerts and notifications for staff and customers on any event or timer.

Integrate with Customer Data Sources

Link to and pull contact information from SharePoint, CRMs, or other databases.

Mobile Devices

View and update requests through smartphone or tablet. Get status and notifications while out in the field.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base for internal and external use. Can allow self-service for customers.

Track Performance

Quickly identify overdue tickets, high priority status or any other filter with Ticket Views feature.

Reports & Dashboards

Measure your success with full reporting capabilities. Get immediate statuses with dashboards.

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