Contract Renewals
for SharePoint & Office 365

Easily stay on top of contract renewals!

Crow Canyon’s Contract Renewal Management for SharePoint provides a robust way to manage contracts for IT, Assets, and Equipment. Save time and money, increase efficiency, stay on top of warranty, license, support, lease, & every other kind of contract!

Runs on SharePoint on-premises or Office 365.

Why Use Our Contract Renewals Solution

Stay on top of Contract, Warranty, and License Renewals

Tracking contracts and licenses can be overwhelming when using a manual process or spreadsheets. Our Contract Management system automates the handling of contracts, keeping a clear record of what contracts exist, when they need renewal, what the terms are, and costs and responsible parties. When linked to our Asset Management or Equipment Tracking systems, all support contracts, maintenance agreements, warranties, licenses, and more are integrated into a full-spectrum, interactive application to ease and organize contract management.

Contract Renewal Software

Organize and Optimize Contract Management

Contracts and all related documents are kept in a library repository in SharePoint. All renewals, tasks, revisions, and approvals are interlinked to give a comprehensive view of all contract activity. Vendor and supplier information is integrated with the contracts. Responsible parties and related costs can be clearly defined as to who needs to be informed about what. Extensive reporting and dashboard capabilities give an immediate view of status and upcoming contractual events. Alerts and notifications are easily configured so that all involved are fully aware of what needs to happen as far as the contract terms and renewal dates. Approval workflows guide contract approval and renewal as needed, per requirements of the contract.

Did you know? According to the Gartner Group, 60% of all supplier contracts are automatically renewed without the knowledge of the buyer, due largely to the buyer failing to give a notice of termination.

Stop Using Spreadsheets

Don’t waste time and money on contract mismanagement. Crow Canyon’s Contract Management system eases the contract burden, optimizes investments, lowers risk — it is time to stop using spreadsheets or other manual processes and, instead, leverage the power of SharePoint and Office 365 to bring efficient and easy contract and license management to your IT Service Desk, Asset Management, or Equipment Tracking!

Key Features for Contract Management: IT, Assets, and Equipment

  • Contract Document Library

  • Vendor and Supplier Management

  • Alerts and Notifications on Key Contractual events

  • Contractor Personnel Management

  • Reporting on Contracts and Licensing Activity

  • Notifications on Milestones and Renewal

  • Capture Proof-of-Purchase, Purchase Orders, and more

  • Establish Approval Workflows

  • Integration with Assets and Equipment

  • Integrate with Financial Systems

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