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Manage new hires, job changes, and terminations efficiently and effectively!

Crow Canyon’s Onboarding & User Access Management for SharePoint & Office 365 automates bringing on new employees, ensures that proper protocols are followed, and makes sure that all tasks are completed in a coordinated manner.

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Can SharePoint manage Onboarding and Offboarding tasks?

Yes, it most certainly can, with Crow Canyon’s Onboarding & User Access Management application for SharePoint and Office 365.

Built on Crow Canyon’s unique NITRO™ application service layer, this application handles the complex and multi-faceted tasks involved in New Hires, Job Changes, and Terminations. With a highly configurable Workflow Manager included, Crow Canyon’s tool brings order and accountability to Onboarding and Offboarding with the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Onboarding can be challenging! Multiple departments have to coordinate activities — HR, IT, Facilities. Tasks have to happen in sequence — can’t install a PC if the desk is not there, can’t set applications if access is not granted, etc.

Get new employees working and productive right away!
Many tasks have to be performed in sync with each other. This can be complex for Human Resources departments to manage. You don’t want a new employee coming onboard before everything is ready. This also applies to employees changing jobs and to those leaving due to termination, quitting, or layoffs.

Make sure internal job changes go smoothly!
The complex processes of onboarding, job role changes, and offboarding all need to be coordinated. As organizations grow, onboarding becomes increasingly difficult to manage. For many industries, strict procedures have to be followed to meet government, legal, and regulatory requirements.

Protect your company by making sure all permissions are retracted and hardware recovered when an employee leaves the company.
Crow Canyon’s Onboarding for SharePoint and Office 365 can also be used as is or in combination with our HR Request Management, IT Help Desk and Security Access Request systems so that onboarding is synchronized throughout the organization. The program runs on SharePoint 2013, 2016, and Office 365.

Seamless Automation Powers Productivity

Automating onboarding and offboarding processes with Crow Canyon’s Onboarding for SharePoint and Office 365 increases staff productivity and removes repetitive tasks. Our Onboarding system is easily configured to generate and assign tasks and workflows that ensure new employees receive the hardware and software they need, have their workplace set up, and are granted rights and access to required applications and databases.

Automated processes are also needed when employees leave the company — the system can make sure all rights are retracted, company equipment is returned, and all final paperwork is properly filled out. All of these processes can be tracked, archived, configured, and reported on for analysis.

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Simple or Complex — we can handle it

Some organizations just need to get an onboarding system in place. Whether they are using emails and spreadsheets — or sometimes no system at all — our Onboarding application puts in an organized process that streamlines bringing on new hires, as well as job changes and terminations.

However, some organizations have more requirements. Onboarding, changing jobs, and offboarding can involve complex assignment of rights and access to systems, databases, physical locations, or applications. Our system can institute roles and positions that have pre-set access rights so that any new hire or job change is much easier because the role helps determine what rights are granted. This is critical also for retracting access when an employee is terminated.

Key Features of Crow Canyon’s Onboarding for SharePoint & Office 365

  • Automate onboarding process with workflows, approvals, and alerting

  • Coordinate activities of multiple departments

  • Track and record all steps taken during new hire or termination

  • Easily check status of onboarding activity for any new hire

  • Integrate with Asset Management and Facilities to deliver required tools and assets

  • Establish roles, positions, and access requirements to further automate onboarding

  • Give new employees access required company content (procedures, policies, legal documents)

  • Facilitate collaboration by enabling all parties involved to easily communicate with each other

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