Crow Canyon NITRO™ Powers Up SharePoint & Office 365


Crow Canyon’s NITRO™ application layer powers up SharePoint and Office 365 with a unique set of functions and capabilities, turning SharePoint and Office 365 into true business application platforms.

Nitro Application Layer for SharePoint and Office 365

Consisting of no-code components that boost SharePoint and Office 365 to new levels of capability and functionality, NITRO takes our applications way beyond standard SharePoint and Office 365.

With NITRO as the foundation of all our applications and custom development projects, we are able to provide highly capable, full-featured applications for SharePoint and Office 365 as well as quick development and deployment, with lower costs.

In addition, NITRO extends SharePoint and Office 365 without requiring any coding or special skills, putting the power to configure and adapt our SharePoint applications into your hands.

NITRO provides similar enhancements in on-premises SharePoint 2013/2016 and in Office 365, but uses different coding techniques to deliver a stable, highly functional application layer that is appropriate for each platform.

Crow Canyon NITRO™ for Office 365 is 100% native Office 365

  • Uses Apps and Addins built specifically for Office 365
  • Uses no sandboxed solutions or legacy on-premises features or code
  • Follows all Microsoft standards for Office 365 development
  • UI or other enhancements adhere to Microsoft guidelines for Office 365
  • Programs and UI are not affected by changes in Office 365 because NITRO follows all Microsoft Office 365 standards and guidelines.
  • No custom-coded web parts in Office 365


Crow Canyon NITRO™ for SharePoint 2013 or 2016 (on-premises)

Crow Canyon’s NITRO layer for SharePoint 2013/2016 turns on-premises SharePoint into a powerful application delivery platform.

  • Uses web parts and apps built specifically for SharePoint on-premises
  • Pre-built components deliver a wide-range of capabilities
  • Applications can be easily configured by power users with no coding
  • Follows all Microsoft standards for SharePoint development
  • UI or other enhancements adhere to Microsoft guidelines for SharePoint


Unlike other vendors who use third-party products and templates, Crow Canyon develops, supports, and enhances its own programs, thereby providing robust, cost-effective, well-supported business applications and custom solutions that meet your unique needs.


Three Pillars of SharePoint/Office 365 Application Design

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UI/UX — Forms, Portals, Mobile

User adoption and ease-of-use is critical to application success. NITRO employs forms, portals, dashboards, branding, and responsive mobile interfaces to enhance SharePoint and engage users and staff.

Workflows & Processes

Whether involving simple or complex workflows, NITRO’s many capabilities deliver the routing, approvals, processing, tracking, alerting, etc., needed for serious and substantial business applications.

Reporting & Analytics

Robust reporting tools gives the insight needed to measure and improve service. Employing dashboards, charts, graphs, tables, and more, NITRO provides the information that guides continuous improvement in your organization.


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