Crow Canyon NITRO™ Powers Up SharePoint & Office 365


Crow Canyon’s NITRO™ application layer powers up SharePoint and Office 365 with a unique set of functions and capabilities, turning SharePoint and Office 365 into true business application platforms.

Nitro Application Layer for SharePoint and Office 365

Consisting of no-code components that boost SharePoint and Office 365 to new levels of capability and functionality, NITRO™ takes our applications way beyond standard SharePoint and Office 365.

With NITRO™ as the foundation of all our applications and custom development projects, we are able to provide highly capable, full-featured applications for SharePoint and Office 365 as well as quick development and deployment, with lower costs.

In addition, NITRO™ extends SharePoint and Office 365 without requiring any coding or special skills, putting the power to configure and adapt our SharePoint applications into your hands.

NITRO™ is based on Crow Canyon’s “Three Pillars of Application Design” strategy — UI/UX, Workflows & Business Processes, and Report & Analytics. This unique application design strategy drives user adoption, automates workflows, and optimizes service delivery with robust reporting.

NITRO™ provides similar enhancements in on-premises SharePoint 2013/2016 and in Office 365, but uses different coding techniques to deliver a stable, highly functional application layer that is appropriate for each platform.

Crow Canyon NITRO™ for Office 365 is 100% native Office 365

  • Uses Apps and Addins built specifically for Office 365
  • Uses no sandboxed solutions or legacy on-premises features or code
  • Follows all Microsoft standards for Office 365 development
  • UI or other enhancements adhere to Microsoft guidelines for Office 365
  • Programs and UI are not affected by changes in Office 365 because NITRO follows all Microsoft Office 365 standards and guidelines.
  • No custom-coded web parts in Office 365


Crow Canyon NITRO™ for SharePoint 2013 or 2016 (on-premises)

Crow Canyon’s NITRO™ layer for SharePoint 2013/2016 turns on-premises SharePoint into a powerful application delivery platform.

  • Uses web parts and apps built specifically for SharePoint on-premises
  • Pre-built components deliver a wide-range of capabilities
  • Applications can be easily configured by power users with no coding
  • Follows all Microsoft standards for SharePoint development
  • UI or other enhancements adhere to Microsoft guidelines for SharePoint


Unlike other vendors who use third-party products and templates, Crow Canyon develops, supports, and enhances its own programs, thereby providing robust, cost-effective, well-supported business applications and custom solutions that meet your unique needs.


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