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Crow Canyon Brings AI Services to SharePoint & Office 365

Increase user engagement,  save time and money with chatbots and other AI Services!

Crow Canyon provides a number of out-of-the-box applications for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as well as the popular NITRO Studio application creation platform.  To make our products even better, we have now integrated Microsoft Azure-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) services into these applications.

Organizations can reduce costs and save time while giving users and customers quicker answers and an overall better experience.

In addition to adding AI to our applications, Crow Canyon offers expertise in developing Chatbots, NLP, and other AI solutions for your custom projects.

For an in-depth look at our Chatbots & AI Services, view this On-Demand Webinar



Chatbots are a friendly way to interact with a Service Desk or Customer Support system. Users and customers can get quick answers to questions 24 x 7, without waiting for staff to respond. This saves time both for the end user and the staff.

Chatbots can be used for simple question-and-answer and to automate repetitive tasks, or they can provide a sophisticated conversation that intelligently provides access to services, without direct human intervention.

We offer:

   AI-based Chatbots for Crow Canyon Applications – Integrate pre-built NLP-based chatbots with your Crow Canyon applications. See a schematic of our support Chatbot process here.

   Custom Chatbots – Crow Canyon can help you build chatbots that follow your specific business process, including integration with intelligent services like LUIS, Text analytics, Q&A Maker. and more.


Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing and LUIS in SharePoint and Office 365When doing searches or looking up information, people are getting used to typing in what is called “natural language”, not structured queries. Putting in “How do I change the toner cartridge on my printer?” is much more natural than “printer toner cartridge change”, for example.

Utilizing Microsoft’s Language Understanding tool “LUIS”, we apply intelligent machine learning to the user’s natural language input. From this, we can predict overall meaning and intent and extract relevant terms. We are able to provide appropriate search results without requiring exact search terms.

Our system uses active learning to continuously improve the quality of the Natural Language Processing, thereby making interactions with users better and better over time.

We offer:

   NLP-based SharePoint list search – Enhance your list search by letting users type in natural language. Crow Canyon’s advanced search uses AI services to extract meaningful expressions and search the list to return relevant results

   Custom NLP Solutions – Crow Canyon can help you create application-specific LUIS natural language model. We can help you build or update applications that will use this model to provide natural language interface and capabilities. These can be chat bot applications that will help users complete common tasks and can also be search-based applications that provide better results and are more user friendly.


QnA Maker

Microsoft’s QnA Maker makes many types of documents, FAQs, manuals, PDFs, URLs, and more accessible through a simple question and answer bot. User can ask questions and engage with the bot, which then will respond based on the content of whatever data you have supplied.
QnA Maker automates the process of turning all this information into a form that can interact with the user through the bot.
A user might ask, “What are your hours today?”, and the bot can respond with the correct information based on the data set it is “reading”. The user can continue the conversation with the bot and get more information and answers. This can provide a friendly, interactive way to deliver information to users, without engaging staff or requiring the user or customer to do searches on his or her own.
We offer:
   Custom QnA Maker Solutions – Crow Canyon can help you develop the dataset and the QnA bot that brings your set of documents, manuals, etc., to life through user engagement and conversational interactivity with a bot.

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