18 05, 2018

What’s Trending at the SharePoint Conference North America?

2020-05-21T20:51:42-07:00May 18th, 2018|

I spent some time over the last few days reviewing the sessions at the upcoming Crow Canyon Software is a Gold Sponsor and has been an active promoter of this Conference for a year now. It is great to see it coming together and we look forward to meeting the many people attending and participating [...]

22 01, 2018

Case Study: Customer Service Software for an International Bank

2020-05-19T16:53:58-07:00January 22nd, 2018|

Customer satisfaction is critical in any industry, but in banking, it is especially important for maintaining long-term relationships with clients in the face of competitive pressure. Studies have shown again and again that “personalized customer service” makes a huge difference in determining whether a customer sticks with a bank or moves to another. “Great customer [...]

8 12, 2017

Manage Information Overload with SharePoint & Office 365 Applications

2019-01-26T23:01:14-08:00December 8th, 2017|

Information Overload is a serious problem for individuals and for businesses. Emails, Twitter feeds, web sites, texting, smartphones, let alone TV and numerous channels available 24x7, all seek to grab our attention and pull our focus away from the tasks at hand. In the business environment, important information -- a request, task, meeting, project, and [...]

17 10, 2017

Four Reasons to Use Crow Canyon’s Office 365 Applications

2020-05-19T17:44:30-07:00October 17th, 2017|

People ask us why they should use our Office 365 applications instead of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions or client-server programs. Here are four reasons why using our SharePoint & Office 365 applications is the way to boost productivity and lower costs in a modern business environment: Single-Sign On (SSO) Users only have to [...]

28 08, 2017

The Problem with Delve

2019-01-26T23:13:06-08:00August 28th, 2017|

In our last blog article, we talked about Predictive Analytics and its use by Microsoft in Office Graph and Office Delve. We raised issues with this kind of predictive approach and discussed the limitations. In this article, we will focus on Delve particularly and explore why it is having difficulty living up to its promise. [...]

15 06, 2016

Have you heard about Microsoft Flow and PowerApps?

2020-05-21T20:23:41-07:00June 15th, 2016|

The new SharePoint Development Framework was not the only news to come out of San Francisco at Microsoft's Future of SharePoint event last month -- Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps also made their appearance. These new tools are aimed at increasing business efficiency, particularly in terms of automation. Going with the Flow Microsoft Flow allows [...]

16 02, 2016

Ready to make a change? Get O.V.E.R. it!

2020-05-19T18:43:45-07:00February 16th, 2016|

"Everything changes and nothing stands still." – Heraclitus, Greek philosopher, circa 500 BC "Change happens” – they knew it 2,500 years ago and we know it now. And along with that, we have heard again and again that the best approach is not to resist change, but learn to manage it effectively. But how to [...]

16 12, 2015

Using SharePoint to Manage Security Access Requests

2020-05-19T18:50:26-07:00December 16th, 2015|

Organizational security is not just about providing user credentials; it's also about being able to easily answer questions such as the following: "Who has access to what systems or resources? Who granted the access? Was it approved properly? Are there users who need accessed modified or revoked?" As organizations grow, the number of objects [...]

3 12, 2015

Office Graph and Delve: The Future of Intelligent Content

2020-05-19T18:51:21-07:00December 3rd, 2015|

Earlier this year, Microsoft rolled out a pair of new applications that have the potential to radically change the way Office 365 users do their day-to-day work: Office Graph and Office Delve. Both apps work hand-in-hand to discover and present highly relevant content to users based on organic triggers, such as search queries, relationships, file [...]

4 11, 2015

Delve, Mix, and Sway: Three Office 365 Solutions You May Have Never Heard Of

2019-01-27T00:39:31-08:00November 4th, 2015|

Are you using Delve to create your corporate profile? Designing a new PowerPoint lesson plan using Mix? Maybe you’re using Sway to craft a new interactive presentation? Delve? Mix? Sway? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who knows little if anything about these new additions to Office 365. In this article, we will explore [...]

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