28 11, 2016

Equipment Tracking in SharePoint & Office 365

2020-05-19T18:33:39-07:00November 28th, 2016|

Managing your company's equipment is an ongoing process that requires a significant number of resources. As organizations grow, it is easy to lose track of your assets, resulting in increased costs, mistakes, lost documents, and missed opportunities (expired warranties, lapsed service maintenance, reactive policies, etc.). Proactively managing your equipment is critical to keeping down costs [...]

2 11, 2016

Asset Management & Equipment Tracking Webinars

2020-05-21T20:08:07-07:00November 2nd, 2016|

November 9 & 10, 2016 - Two Times for Each Topic Last week we demonstrated our Asset Management and Equipment Tracking applications. We showed attendees how to get insight into assets and equipment, whether IT assets or general company equipment: what do you have, what state is it in and what kind of service [...]

24 02, 2014

What is the Importance of Product Lifecycle Management?

2019-10-07T20:34:43-07:00February 24th, 2014|

Introducing a new product to the market involves many steps spanning all departments in a company. The path to successful launch is fraught with challenges. Even if the design and engineering departments come up fine product or creative use of technology, a product can still fail. The marketing team could [...]