Facilities Maintenance & Work Orders

Facility Maintenance Software for SharePoint and Office 365

Facility Maintenance & Work Orders

Leverage your existing Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 to track and manage facilities, maintenance requests and work orders with Crow Canyon's Facilities Software.

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Facilities maintenance and work order softwareFacilities Departments need to capture, track, and manage service requests and recurring maintenance tasks. Measuring time, parts used, and other costs is important, Tracking equipment usage and staff performance to meet service levels can be a challenge.

Crow Canyon’s Facility Maintenance Software for SharePoint is a powerful, yet simple and efficient way to track and manage facilities requests and work orders. Employees submit requests from a variety of sources (phone, email, web, SharePoint and Outlook) and the tickets are routed to the right group or individual for work order assignment and fulfillment. Work orders and equipment can be linked to relevant forms, policies, and documentation. The system gives the team the ability to track time, input costs, record work logs, and keep abreast of status changes throughout the process. Robust reporting tools give insights both in real time and for historical work order and maintenance data.

Using SharePoint with Crow Canyon’s unique NITRO platform provides tremendous capabilities to configure and customize the program without coding. The forms and workflows can be modified and customized to your needs as required. A host of tools — approvals, alerting, item linking, print templates, and more — can be used as needed to precisely configure the program to perform as you require it to, leading to increased user adoption and staff efficiency.

Links to and integrates with Crow Canyon’s Equipment Tracking application to give a complete view of equipment (machinery, tools, vehicles, furniture, etc.) lifecycle and maintenance. The full maintenance, break-fix, and usage history for any equipment is easily recorded in the system.

Automate your existing forms and manual routing processes to improve employee service and Facilities staff productivity. Examples of facilities requests include:

  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Custodial or Housekeeping
  • Office Moves
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Event Services
  • Repairs
  • Audio Visual
  • Building Maintenance
  • And many more
  • Safety and Security


  • sharepoint facilities work order software1. Increase employee productivity, by providing an easy-to-use, centralized point for submitting facilities requests
  • 2. Improve department staff productivity and accountability by automating the request, routing, and tracking process
  • 3. Reduce time-consuming follow-up phone calls for request status and more information
  • 4. Improve efficiency and compliance by standardizing request procedures and process
  • 5. More effectively measure service levels, response times and costs for requests
  • 6. Get more return out of your existing Microsoft investment
  • 7. Significantly increase overall operational efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • 8. Promote consistency of processes and report on compliance

Key Features

Runs in SharePoint or Office 365

Can be installed on SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on-premises or in Office 365.

Multiple Ways to Create Tickets

Employee and customers can create tickets using email, web, phone, SharePoint, or a portal.

Integrates with Equipment Tracking

Integrates with Crow Canyon’s Equipment Tracking for SharePoint to provide support for equipment and assets.

Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts on new tickets, assignments, escalations, status changes, completion, and other events or timed incidents on the ticket.

Automatic Routing

Tickets can be automatically routed based on criteria on the ticket or other factors.

Flexible Assignment Options

Assign to one person or a team. Use auto-assign or dispatcher or a round-robin.

Recurring Maintenance Tasks

Recurring maintenance tasks and schedules can be set up to track repairs and routine service.

Mobile Devices

View and update tickets through smartphone or tablet. Get maintenance tasks and tickets while out in the field.

Link to Warranties, Manuals, Docs

Important documents such as warranties, manuals, and purchase orders can be linked to the ticket and readily available for reference.

Track Email Communications

All email communications to and from the user are tracked and recorded on the ticket.

Reports & Dashboards

Visual displays of asset status, usage, maintenance needs. Use built-in reports or create your own.

Knowledge Base

KB allows quick recall of routine and familar issues, with guidance on resolution.

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