IT Project ManagementNothing is worse than scrambling to find that one thing you absolutely need in an unorganized space. Think of trying to find your keys in the morning on a desk covered with papers, books and other items. The same frustration comes up when searching for that one piece of information or a prior ticket that you know has important, relevant information to solve a problem.

To find information efficiently, you need a tool that categorizes data and provides effective searching methods. If you have a specific place for “keys and wallet” on your desk, then you know exactly where to find them. The same principle applies to data.

Powerful search filters are especially useful in the world of IT project management. The amount of information that an IT professional must sift through to solve an issue can be massive, a problem most prevalent when trying to fix chronic issues with a system. The ability to easily look up prior tickets for a problem or certain types of solution commonalities within a larger SharePoint-enabled database provides IT workers with an efficient and operative tool to help solve the issue or question at hand.

How Powerful Search Filters Affect IT Project Management

IT Project Management - Crow CanyonIn essence, a search filter focuses on a broader examination of an information base to obtain a narrower and more applicable data set. This process can be used to find that specific ticket that contains the needed information or to get a more holistic look at an issue that the department is working on.

IT project management entails both a micro and macro look at the information and service tickets being gathered by the company. Useful filters work to create a scalable search engine; one that can provide good macro categorization, but also more detailed sub-categories within the whole.

Search in SharePoint Benefits IT Staff Productivity

For companies who use SharePoint, having such powerful search filters can greatly increase productivity. Having the opportunity to properly segment a large data pool into open and closed tickets, and then break those sets into smaller search categories to zero in on which worker is assigned to a particular problem is extremely valuable to those who are managing a major project.

The ability to search for specific tickets, whether by keyword, phrase, ID, category, user, date, and other filters greatly aids in finding the information you need – -and increases the IT staff’s responsiveness and thoroughness in resolving issues.

Keeping a handle on a company’s entire help desk and project management capabilities, through the use of good categorization and powerful search filters in a SharePoint environment, leads to more efficient communication between workers and better company performance as a whole.

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