SharePoint and Office 365 Custom Development

Custom Development for SharePoint, Office 365, Azure

sharepoint custom development companyOur Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure Development Services help you realize SharePoint’s full potential, both on-premises and online.

SharePoint / Office 365 / Azure Developers

Whether implementing our SharePoint applications or developing new SharePoint solutions, our experienced team can meet your organization’s needs.

Our approach is to:

  • work closely with your organization to design and build the solutions you need
  • leverage SharePoint’s many collaboration features and capabilities
  • integrate SharePoint with essential business processes
  • use best-of-breed SharePoint components.

Benefit from efficiencies and cost-savings while maximizing Microsoft’s robust and capable SharePoint and Office 365 platforms.


Our team of experienced professionals can develop customized applications for your business in SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online / Office 365, Azure, or a hybrid cloud.

If you already use SharePoint, then you understand the potential for increased productivity, application integration, and collaboration that this platform brings!

Sample of Crow Canyon Projects

Whether it is a need to significantly customize workflow to support unique process requirements or build a completely new SharePoint process-based application, our development team can deliver for your business needs – fast and cost-effectively.

Pricing can be by project or by the hour.

For more information about SharePoint Custom Development, please contact us

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