call center softwareIt is hard to imagine the amount of raw information that many companies must manage on a daily basis. Tech companies that oversee multiple product lines, and by extension have many troubleshooting avenues and resources, can receive a daunting number of call-ins. Even smaller companies with fewer products must often deal with hundreds of calls, each with their own specific details. To match up and keep track of these calls, each possibly generating their own service ticket that needs to be forwarded to the correct employee to solve the problem, requires an extremely organized troop of workers.

But even the most organized people need some assistance, and as companies get larger there needs to be a way not only to consolidate calls, but also to semi-automate the information-gathering process to better screen the necessary data. Here’s where call center software becomes invaluable. Having an effective pipeline to take calls, set up tickets, and make data available to multiple employees can hugely help any inbound or outbound call center. Using a SharePoint base for the program can streamline these processes, making for a more effective service.

What Kind of Company Can Use Call Center Software?

The short answer is: just about any kind! The more in-depth explanation requires knowledge of what kind of call center is being run. There are three basic types:

  • Incoming: The prototypical customer service center that deals with a major number of calls per day, for the purpose of solving issues with certain products or services.
  • Outgoing: Mostly known as telecommunication companies that make calls to the public about surveys, for example, or a service that can be rendered.
  • Blended: A mixture of the two prior categories, focusing on gathering and passing out information.

All of the above can use call center software, and leverage different parts of SharePoint architecture to ensure the proper information is being taken and passed along.

How Does SharePoint Help With Call Center Software?

A SharePoint-based call center software can use the connectivity inherent in the Microsoft product and hook into other services already in use by a company, such as Outlook. Sifting through the information from hundreds of calls is easily done when they are put into SharePoint enabled call center software. Being able to search via a key issue or solution helps to correlate tickets into more manageable forms, ultimately leading to better customer service and quicker ticket solutions.

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