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The SharePoint momentum continued last month when Microsoft held the SharePoint Virtual Summit, with announcements of new features for SharePoint and Office 365 – changes to OneDrive, Groups, Flow, PowerApps, and the SharePoint Framework. Also announced was “SharePoint Communication Sites”, aka “Comm Sites”, an alternative… Read more »

At Crow Canyon we know that using our SharePoint software applications can contribute substantially to lowering costs and increasing efficiency, while providing better service to employees and customers. We know this because we have seen it happen for so many of our customers.

Our initial conversations with… Read more »

I had the opportunity at the recent Denver SharePoint Fest to attend Chris McNulty’s presentation on “SharePoint Business Apps”. McNulty, a Microsoft Senior Product Manager, covered a lot of ground, but I want to focus on one area he emphasized – Transforming Business Processes with SharePoint & OfficeRead more »

With SharePoint and Office 365 continuing to grow rapidly, Microsoft is focused on adding new features and functionality to these platforms, aiming to keep improving what it calls “the most complete and secure productivity and collaboration suite.”

Last week, Jeff Teper, Corporate VP of Office, SharePoint and OneDrive at Microsoft,… Read more »

Crow Canyon Software will be on the expo hall floor of the upcoming Denver SharePoint Fest, showing attendees how its powerful and flexible suite of business applications for SharePoint and Office 365 can improve operations and increase productivity for any organization. Crow Canyon is a Gold Sponsor of this event,… Read more »

“The future of SharePoint is now,” declared Jeff Teper, Microsoft Corporate VP of Office, OneDrive, and SharePoint, during his Keynote address at the May 6th Twin Cities SharePoint Saturday.

Noting that May 6 is just over one year after Microsoft’s Future of SharePoint announcements on… Read more »

Survey of 600 companies shows only 1/4 completely on Office 365

Crow Canyon-sponsored report now available for free download

A recently completed research report, “Understanding the State of the Hybrid SharePoint Ecosystem”, provides some interesting insights into the adoption of Office 365 versus SharePoint on-premises.

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The brain is a powerful organ that can tackle an amazing amount of data, but keeping track of hundreds or thousands of simultaneous processes is not one of its strong suits.

This is best left to computers, which brings us to a business sector that is characterized by a… Read more »

Crow Canyon Software will showcase its powerful business applications that drive efficiency and productivity gains at organizations around the world at the upcoming Austin SPTechCon, to be held in April 2 to 5.

Crow Canyon, a Silver Sponsor of this event, will be at Booth #502 in the Exhibit Hall… Read more »

For any company, no matter how large or small, buying new equipment doesn’t end after the purchase. In fact, the list of obligations will have just begun.

First, though, what kind of equipment are we talking about? Depending on your industry, the list can be quite varied:

Heavy-duty Equipment: Vehicles,… Read more »

As you can tell just by looking around, electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets have proliferated nearly to the point of ubiquity. Mass production has hammered down price points, making devices accessible to all levels of society and moving them from luxury items to must-have electronics.

From an… Read more »

Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., has joined Microsoft and leading SharePoint organizations in sponsoring a research project intended to measure the state of the Hybrid SharePoint ecosystem. This independent research effort is being conducted by CollabTalk, LLC and a graduate team from the Marriott School of Management at Brigham… Read more »

Public Sector CIO’s will be getting a closer look at Crow Canyon’s applications for SharePoint and Office 365 at the California CIO Academy. Crow Canyon is sharing a booth with Microsoft at the Academy, which runs March 1st and 2nd in Sacramento, California.

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Managing a facility and its equipment, whether it’s a business office, manufacturing plant, a warehouse, factory, or a whole campus, is a demanding task that requires a constant, focused effort. A dedicated work order management system is critical to success.

The alternative — addressing maintenance needs on an ad-hoc… Read more »

Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., is sponsoring the Utah SharePoint Saturday, to be held in Salt Lake City on February 25. Scott Restivo, CEO of Crow Canyon, will be giving a talk as part of the speaker sessions that run during the day.

SharePoint Saturdays are free events, put… Read more »

What if one simple oversight during the onboarding process resulted in your company being heavily fined? Or possibly shutting down all of your operations? This is a real risk for companies in highly-regulated industries, such as utilities, healthcare, and finance.

Maintaining strict compliance when hiring new employees is absolutely critical… Read more »

Last year was, without a doubt, the biggest year for SharePoint in quite some time. For the SharePoint community, this was a welcome change from the years of a kind of benign neglect as Microsoft focused on Office 365. But in 2016, all of that changed; we termed it the… Read more »

In a recent blog article, we discussed how the rise of technology has enabled companies to manage and support remote workers — and consequently increase productivity while lowering costs. Indeed, the benefits of remote working are now well-documented, with workplace research firm Global Workplace Analytics reporting that:

A poll… Read more »

help desk for remote employees

Modern technology has transformed the world we live in. Not that long ago the idea of hiring an employee who did not work in a corporate office was unheard of — not out of choice, but because it was not technically possible. As technology improved, companies experimented with the idea… Read more »

Webinar Jan. 26 to showcase robust IT Help Desk / Service Desk solution for SharePoint and Office 365

Crow Canyon Systems, provider of business applications for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365, will showcase its IT Help Desk in a free webinar January 26. Whether searching for a… Read more »