What’s Trending at the SharePoint Conference North America?

I spent some time over the last few days reviewing the sessions at the upcoming Crow Canyon Software is a Gold Sponsor and has been an active promoter of this Conference for a year now. It is great to see it coming together and we look forward to meeting the many people attending and participating [...]

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Crow Canyon Software Announces Partnership with Spindustry

Crow Canyon Software, a specialist in providing business applications on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, announces a partnership with Iowa-based Spindustry, an IT consulting company known for its SharePoint implementation and training capabilities.Crow Canyon Software delivers out-of-the-box business applications for SharePoint and Office 365, as well as its unique NITRO Studio™ development platform. Crow [...]

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SharePoint Conference North America: Here We Come!

The excitement is building for the NITRO Studio, our application creation platform for Office 365 and SharePoint. NITRO Studio is a unique collection of apps that enhance SharePoint with forms, workflows, reporting, portals, and more. Our goal is to “put the power in your hands” so you can easily create applications, whether simple or complex, [...]

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Case Study: SharePoint Solves Check Voucher Routing Problems at State Agency

Our client, a large state agency, required an efficient system for generating check vouchers that could replace paper-driven and time-consuming manual processes.   A check voucher is a request to submit payment for an invoice. Vouchers start their lives in one of the agency's 18 local offices. The vouchers then need to go through a [...]

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Case Study: Crow Canyon Corrects Communication Concerns for Consulting Company

Clearly, email is not an effective way to manage requests – tracking and assigning requests, getting status, sending alerts, instituting workflows, generating reports, and more, are all hard, if not impossible, to implement with an email-based system. Most often, an email request will go “below the horizon” and get forgotten about until the end user [...]

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Bing for Business Powers Internal Search

In the late 1990s, Microsoft decided to jump into the search engine arena with "MSN Search." Over the years, this product underwent several transformations, first to "Windows Live Search" and then to "Live Search." In 2009, after much reshuffling, rebranding, and reorganization, Microsoft settled on "Bing", which has been the preferred name for Microsoft's [...]

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Chatbots: Real Deal or Too Soon?

In previous blog articles, we've discussed Microsoft's interest in artificial intelligence and have spent a good deal of time looking at what this means in the Office 365 environment. Our articles about Microsoft Graph and Delve, in particular, convey how the tech behemoth is leveraging its vast store of user data to fuel its [...]

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Case Study: Request Tracking Solution for U.S. Government Agency

The Crow Canyon Request Manager for SharePoint transformed the way a U.S. government agency worked, empowering it to move away from outdated manual processes and embrace digitized and automated solutions that integrate seamlessly with its existing IT framework. Two challenges: Regulations and Outdated Methods When it comes to regulations, few sectors are as stringent as [...]

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Case Study: User Access Request System for Medical Institute

In Medieval times, armored guards stood outside a city’s gate to keep an eye on who was coming and going. Access to the city needed to be tightly controlled. Fast forward a thousand years and access is managed not by armored guards but by IT security systems. The world is markedly different, but the need [...]

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