Crow Canyon a Gold Sponsor of Seattle SharePoint Fest August 20-24

SharePoint Fest Seattle begins in less than a week and Crow Canyon Software is excited to be participating as a Gold Sponsor. SharePoint Fests bring together renowned SharePoint and Office 365 experts to direct a lineup of sessions and workshops, as well as provide endless opportunities for networking. The event takes place August 20 [...]

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Case Study: Management of Virtual Machine Environments

Virtual Machines are used extensively in the IT world. They are easily brought up and taken down, allowing quick deployment and reconfiguration, while saving on resources. Virtual Machines, or “VMs”, are especially useful when testing hardware and software in different environments. One of our clients builds virtual machine “laboratories” for the US Military. Our client [...]

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Case Study: FOI Requests for Government Agency

Government and agencies in the public sector face challenges keeping up with the needs and requests of the people they are chartered to serve. These agencies are often dealing with heavy workloads, limited staff, and a lack of modern, effective IT solutions. But the growing use of SharePoint and Office 365 in the government realm [...]

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Crow Canyon Software Launches NITRO Studio™ — No-Code Office 365 Application Creation Platform

After years of development, Crow Canyon Software has released NITRO Studio, a one-of-a-kind application creation platform for SharePoint and Office 365. The Studio gives companies the power to run many business processes on SharePoint, thereby saving time and increasing business efficiency. Crow Canyon Software announces the launch of NITRO Studio™, a no-code application creation [...]

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Request Management with SharePoint – A Primer

New hardware, office supplies, access to databases, purchase approvals, leave requests, benefit updates, travel reimbursements – these are just some of the many types of requests that an organization has to contend with every day. Without an organized system in place to manage the requests, a company will suffer from wasted time and lost efficiency [...]

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Five Areas That Power Up Your Support Desk

Let's face it, the only time that Support teams receive e-mails or calls is when something is wrong. After all, no one calls up an IT Help Desk just to say "Hello!" and give a jolly greeting. It's also a given that the person initiating the communication is probably not in the best of moods. [...]

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Case Study: Managing “Critical Assets” for a Nuclear Power Plant

All electricity generators and transmitters in the US and Canada need to comply with strict government regulations. These rules are perpetuated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, or “NERC” for short. NERC’s goal is a “highly reliable and secure North American bulk power system”, which we all certainly appreciate when we use our computers, [...]

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What’s Coming in SharePoint 2019

With a much-ballyhooed announcement at the SharePoint Conference North America last month, SharePoint 2019 officially arrived… well, sort of. The early preview won’t start until “Summer 2018” with most RTM features ready for preview later in 2018 or early 2019. But what is it all about? SharePoint 2019 Breakdown Microsoft [...]

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What’s Trending at the SharePoint Conference North America?

I spent some time over the last few days reviewing the sessions at the upcoming Crow Canyon Software is a Gold Sponsor and has been an active promoter of this Conference for a year now. It is great to see it coming together and we look forward to meeting the many people attending and participating [...]

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Crow Canyon Software Announces Partnership with Spindustry

Crow Canyon Software, a specialist in providing business applications on Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, announces a partnership with Iowa-based Spindustry, an IT consulting company known for its SharePoint implementation and training capabilities.Crow Canyon Software delivers out-of-the-box business applications for SharePoint and Office 365, as well as its unique NITRO Studio™ development platform. Crow [...]

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