Crow Canyon Software Expands Office 365 with its Customer Service & Support Application

Trends predicted for 2018 and beyond show a demand for omni-channel customer support and service. Businesses can prepare by leveraging Office 365 with Crow Canyon Software’s Customer Support and Service Application. Crow Canyon Software announces the release of its Customer Service & Support Application for Office 365. With this program, organizations of all sizes [...]

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Webinar, Feb 21: Transforming Your Organization into a Digital Workplace

Microsoft MVP’s Stephanie Donahue and Mark Rackley will lead a webinar, Feb 21st, on “Transforming Your Organization into a Digital Workplace”. The online webinar, hosted by Crow Canyon Software, is free and open to the public. It will take place Wednesday, Feb. 21, at 11 am Pacific Standard Time, 2 pm Eastern Standard Time. [...]

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SharePoint Conference North America, May 2018

May 2016 and May 2017 saw major announcements from Microsoft on the Future of SharePoint. This May will be no different, only louder with a major SharePoint conference happening in Las Vegas. Planning and preparation for the SharePoint Conference North America in Las Vegas is well underway, with over 50 sponsors and over 100 [...]

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Case Study: Customer Service Software for an International Bank

Customer satisfaction is critical in any industry, but in banking, it is especially important for maintaining long-term relationships with clients in the face of competitive pressure.   Studies have shown again and again that “personalized customer service” makes a huge difference in determining whether a customer sticks with a bank or moves to another.   [...]

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Case Study: Membership Service System for Non-Profit

Many organizations still use outdated tools for their customer service needs, such as e-mails, attachments, spreadsheets, and even pen and paper. This may be fine when an organization first forms, but as it grows and scales upwards, this approach causes an array of customer service challenges. One of our clients, a large religious organization, found [...]

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Case Study: Customer Support for Manufacturer of Industrial Computers

Recently, a manufacturer of "industrial computers" approached us with a need for a system that provides support and service of the computers it builds and send out to its customers. The company’s specialized industrial computers are a breed of their own in terms of maintenance, customized equipment, repair, operation, and upgrades. These computers differ from [...]

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Hub Sites: A New Kind of SharePoint Intranet?

In the first half of 2018, Office 365 First Release customers will be able to make use of a new feature from Microsoft called "Hub Sites". A hub site is an intranet-type interface that is populated by content published in team sites and communication sites, which are two types of SharePoint sites. In essence, a [...]

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Multi-Geo Office 365: Solving the Data Residency Challenge

As more and more IT companies transition to a cloud or hybrid architecture, there is an increasing concern over data security and compliance. Constantly evolving international data protection laws mandate how organizations manage their customer's data. But, more often than not, the question is not what is stored... but where it is stored. Regulations and [...]

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Manage Information Overload with SharePoint & Office 365 Applications

Information Overload is a serious problem for individuals and for businesses. Emails, Twitter feeds, web sites, texting, smartphones, let alone TV and numerous channels available 24x7, all seek to grab our attention and pull our focus away from the tasks at hand. In the business environment, important information -- a request, task, meeting, project, and [...]

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Crow Canyon a Gold Sponsor of Chicago SharePoint Fest December 5 – 8

SharePoint Fest Chicago takes place this week with Crow Canyon Software participating as a Gold Sponsor. The Fest includes a lineup of sessions and workshops by renowned SharePoint and Office 365 experts, as well as networking and social activities. The event takes place December 5 to 8 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. Crow Canyon will have [...]

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