24 06, 2016

“It’s Our Policy to Have Policies”: Using SharePoint for Policy & Procedure Document Management

2019-01-27T00:15:05+00:00June 24th, 2016|

Keeping documentation on policies, procedures, and guidelines up-to-date – and making sure the responsible employees read and abide by them – is one of the major headaches of many businesses. It is also critical to meeting regulatory and compliance requirements as well as avoiding fines from overseeing agencies. Where does this apply? Just about in [...]

15 06, 2016

Have you heard about Microsoft Flow and PowerApps?

2019-01-27T00:15:48+00:00June 15th, 2016|

The new SharePoint Development Framework was not the only news to come out of San Francisco at Microsoft's Future of SharePoint event last month -- Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps also made their appearance. These new tools are aimed at increasing business efficiency, particularly in terms of automation. Going with the Flow Microsoft Flow allows [...]

2 06, 2016

Microsoft Introduces new SharePoint Development Framework

2019-01-27T00:16:24+00:00June 2nd, 2016|

What is the new “SharePoint Development Framework” that Microsoft talked about at its Future of SharePoint event May 4th? What value does it bring to SharePoint development – and ultimately, to businesses that use SharePoint? Many Technet and blog articles delve into the programming particulars of this new framework, and we will leave them to [...]