customer support softwareYour business will benefit tremendously if you install customer support software that integrates with your SharePoint system. It will improve the efficiency and productivity of your team, which in turn will increase customer satisfaction. And customer satisfaction is one of the best ways to grow your business. Give someone great service and he is bound to become a repeat customer. It’s also highly likely he will generate referred business for you through colleagues, friends and family.

Apart from increased customer satisfaction, there are several other benefits to customer support software integrated into SharePoint for your organization.

Reduce Resolution Time

By tracking the progress of queries, customer support software can significantly reduce the time taken to  resolve an issue. Every customer support representative (CSR) will have access to interaction history, product information, pricing and delivery lead times.

Often customers prefer to interact with CSRs via online chat instead of phoning a support desk. Either way, the CSR can record content from a conversation in the SharePoint query ticketing system and all team members can see that information.

Customer Self-Service

Customer support software allows you to build up a knowledge base about frequently occurring problems and queries. Not only can CSRs use this, customers can themselves should they choose a self-service option. It enables a customer to search for answers from FAQs. If the customer doesn’t find the solution, the system provides an option to speak directly to a CSR or otherwise submit a ticket online that will enter the SharePoint system for follow up.

Multi-Channel Customer Interaction Management

A customer support software application for SharePoint can be tied into multiple communication channels – telephone, email, web, online chat, mobile app and social media. All interactions can be routed to the appropriate CSR.

By storing customer interactions, no query will be lost and the software can track everything from first contact to resolution. Any CSRs will have immediate access to this information when a customer asks for an update on their ticket.

Reporting and Metrics

Customer support software enables management to draw reports on individual and team performance. This is invaluable for identifying star performers or highlighting areas that need more training. Management can also use the information to determine staffing levels.

Managers can assess other business metrics like customer satisfaction, time to resolution, daily call volume and call subject.

Integration with Other Departments

SharePoint is the perfect platform to facilitate integration of customer support software across all departments. Team members is any department will have up-to-date information on any outstanding issues before contacting a customer. Likewise, by accessing the inventory management system, CSRs can confirm whether parts are in stock or if any orders are logged in the system to save a customer from double ordering.

Identify New Opportunities

Reports generated by customer support software can highlight opportunities for expanding sales areas and even product/service range.

In today’s competitive market, customers demand and deserve higher levels of service. Customer support software integrated into your SharePoint platform will definitely give you the edge in efficiency and communication to enhance your customers’ satisfaction and grow your business.

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