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Two essential components to making a company run smoothly are a good team of quality workers who are effective in their roles and  modern, fully functioning equipment that allows employees to efficiently carry out their jobs.

Managing equipment in the business world can be a hassle, especially without well-designed Read more »

Plenty of metaphors can be used to describe a healthy company, such as “the well-oiled machine” or “the functional family.” The most effective and holistic metaphor to date, however, is “the human body.” The way that the various systems of the body work in concert to keep our forms fully… Read more »

Companies sometimes focus too much of their IT services on the outward facing population rather than their own employees. Of course, making sure that customers’ issues are solved in a timely manner remains an important role of the computing process. But in order to have incoming service tickets handled as… Read more »

The modern business world has evolved far beyond its basic roots. What used to be a set of sequestered offices within a building can now be something more free form and unstructured. This kind of evolution comes in part from the growth of a company and largely from technological change… Read more »

While many issues in the IT world are in the software and networking realms, hardware problems are just as important; almost every employee in the modern business world must access a computer or other device whether in the office or on the road.

Companies need to keep track of what… Read more »

The industrial world needs to tread a careful balance between two sides, the human and mechanical. A successful business must have the proper equipment to make its development and manufacturing chains efficient. The other vital half of the success formula comes from the people, as they are the ones who… Read more »

Running a business, regardless of size or type, requires multiple employees or groups to work together toward a common goal. That aim is to provide customers with a great service or product and, through hard work, expand the company. One of the main issues that pops up in every business… Read more »

The amount of daily correspondence a modern company receives can be frightening.

Picture this: daily emails, from either employees or customers, bogging down servers and workers alike. Add phone calls, the possibility of web forms and paper memos, making the whole process quite overwhelming. Left unchecked, a company’s I.T. (information… Read more »

Almost all organizations have challenges, particularly in providing services in a consistent manner for all employees and customers using them to be productive in their jobs. Usually, individual service departments are set up to provide these services. Each department, however, has different methods and ways to request services, and the… Read more »

New SharePoint based applications Merge Contact Management and Customer Service into a Full CRM Suite

Crow Canyon’s Customer Service Management extends SharePoint to support a full customer life cycle see it at

Benicia, CA – September 20, 2011 – Crow Canyon Systems, a leading provider of business solutions… Read more »