user access request for sharepointOrganizational Security is critical to protecting and safeguarding both physical and virtual assets. Users need access, but that access must be properly approved, with a record of who approved when and why. Access needs to be revoked when people leave the company or change positions. Auditing of Security Access Request should be both easy and comprehensive.

Crow Canyon’s system provides an efficient way to track, respond to, audit, and report on who has access to what. It keeps your organization in line with internal security policies as well as those of regulatory agencies.


Crow Canyon’s Security Access Request Manager

  • Accurate tracking of requests
  • Clearly defined approval workflows
  • Customizable, role-based access templates
  • Secure your physical and digital assets
  • Adopt best business automation practices
  • Leverage the investment in Microsoft SharePoint
  • Meet internal and regulatory access standards
  • Auditing and reporting at a granular level

An integrated approach to managing Security Requests with SharePoint or Office 365

From initial Access Request through customizable approval processes to tracking status and providing reports for auditing purposes, our Security Access Request application guides the process and makes sure you are in compliance with your internal security policies as well as with regulatory agencies that may monitor your industry.

Once the request has been made, configurable workflows guide the request through the system. The request could be part of an initial onboarding process or part of revoking privileges when the user is terminated; it could also be part of what we call “midboarding” — that is, a change of job or position that requires adjusting security access.

The system includes extensive report and auditing capabilities so you (or your auditors) can know at a glance who has access to what, what level of access, who approved it and who granted it and when — all critical data for managing, monitoring, and controlling access to your systems, equipment, and facilities.


Extending Security Management by using SharePoint for Security Policies and Employee Training / Education

Our SharePoint system can provide additional security management services, three of which are detailed below, through simple adaptations of our existing programs. In this way, SharePoint can be extended to provide a full range of security services that will not only help to maintain compliance, but will also deliver strong preventative measures against security losses and data breaches.

Security Policies need to be well-documented, kept up to date, and readily available to all who need to read and comply with them. Security policies can be treated as assets, where they can be quickly viewed, tracked, edited, and shared with colleagues. Meta-data and properties about each policy and procedure can be recorded and used to manage these documents. Updates, revisions, review dates, annual renewals, and more can all be tracked with a policy management program. Our Asset Management program can be easily adapted for this purpose.

Document Attestation can be implemented to confirm that employees read and acknowledge policies and documentation that apply to them. This can be done with a version of our IT Help Desk program that is modified for this purpose.

Employee Training – Employees can be assigned training tasks and activities to ensure they know how the policies pertain to their work and what procedures to follow to adhere to the company policies. Our Request Management system for SharePoint can be used to assign training tasks and track employee education and training results.


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Part of Crow Canyon’s family of Business Process Automation tools

The Security Request Access Manager and the other tools are part of Crow Canyon’s business process automation tools built on SharePoint Server, Microsoft’s main business collaboration tool. It is based on our Service Request for SharePoint engine, which provides robust tracking and management features and incorporates years of SharePoint development. The Service Request system is used at organizations around the world in applications such as Help Desk, Customer Support, Asset Tracking, Employee Services, and more.

All our applications contain the features below while at the same time being tailored to fit a specific request management and tracking need.


Features of our SharePoint and Office 365 Applications

  • Capture requests from SharePoint, Web forms and email
  • Lists, views, forms and dashboards are fully customizable
  • Microsoft Outlook and Office integration
  • Full management of tickets: Assign and track
  • Monitor activity, most importantly, performance across all departments
  • Automated notifications, notices and routing
  • Complete and comprehensive reporting with charts and dashboards
  • Printing and distributing methods for Work Orders
  • Straightforward application with low-cost of ownership
  • Options such as SLA measurements, escalations and alerts

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