SharePoint Asset ManagementThe brain is a powerful organ that can tackle an amazing amount of data, but keeping track of hundreds or thousands of simultaneous processes is not one of its strong suits.

This is best left to computers, which brings us to a business sector that is characterized by a stunning number of moving parts: maintaining and managing facilities and equipment.

Facilities management is inherently complex. There is just a lot to keep track of:

  • Human Resources: Working hours, overtime pay, scheduling, skill-set management
  • Maintenance and Service Requests: Routing, availability, request details
  • Assets: Status of assets, service records, repair work, location
  • Business and Financial: Contracts, service agreements, warranties, accounting
  • Compliance: Employee certifications, facility compliance, safety standards
Using SharePoint for Facility Maintenance and Work Orders

Our Facilities Maintenance/Work Orders solution is a robust platform that automates the tracking & management of facilities requests. The system fully integrates with your existing Microsoft SharePoint, Office, and Outlook platforms to simplify all aspects of your facility management processes.

Our software enables your employees to submit ticket requests from a wide variety of sources, such as e-mail, telephone, Web, SharePoint, and Outlook. No matter which option is used, a ticket is created that can be automatically routed, tracked, analyzed, and reported on. Let’s have a closer look at the functionality.

Intelligent Routing and Tracking

One of the aims of our Facilities Management software is to lessen the workload on your Support teams by automating the request process. Service, maintenance, asset, or equipment requests are automatically routed to a responsible department or individual for assignment and fulfillment — tickets can be assigned to an entire department, individual, or sets of individuals as needed.

Ticket Management

After tickets are automatically sent to the correct recipient(s), they can then be approved or disapproved. Notifications can be included with all tickets so that relevant parties always know the current status of pending and completed requests.

Sarah, the Facilities Manager, requires her Maintenance Engineer, Joseph, to perform regular maintenance on an air-conditioning unit. Since the process is a recurring event, a notification automatically informs her that the work is needed. She then uses SharePoint to submit a maintenance request to Joseph and his supervisor, Mark — she attaches a map and asset details to the work order for reference. Joseph uses his iPhone to view the request, but cannot do the work right away. After two days pass, Sarah and Mark both receive a notification informing them that the work is not yet done. Joseph is reminded, completes the work, and updates the work order accordingly. Both Sarah and Mark are notified of the completed work. Later that month, Mark runs a report to view the average time used by his maintenance team to perform assigned tasks, which he can then share with Senior Management.


Implementing Crow Canyon’s Facilities Maintenance/Work Order software means that you can take control of your facility management needs and disengage from error-prone manual processes. Productivity across-the board is boosted thanks to automated processes and a familiar environment (Microsoft SharePoint) that offers a centralized point for submitting facility requests.

The automation of multiple tasks, such as ticketing, routing, and notifications, means that your company’s saves both time and money, particularly in support roles that rely heavily on manual processes. The centralization and standardization of your lines of communication results in data that can be more easily tracked, reported on, and analyzed. In addition, service levels and response times can be quickly graphed for reporting and visual analysis. High priority and overdue tickets can be easily filtered, providing a dashboard view that conveys exactly what’s going on in your facility.


Managing your facility no longer has to be a complex juggling act. With Crow Canyon’s SharePoint-integrated solutions, you can simplify your processes while automating repetitive, manual-centric tasks. Need to keep track of equipment as well as managing facility processes? Our Equipment Tracking solution seamlessly integrates with SharePoint as well as your Facility Management software, enabling your company to leverage automation while centralizing the management of your facility’s assets.

Crow Canyon Software has 18 years of experience assisting organizations in leveraging their existing infrastructure, rather than requiring new hardware & technologies. We specialize in building upon your collaboration platforms, such as SharePoint and Office 365, in order to give your Help Desk and Support Staff the tools they need to provide assistance without the need for additional infrastructure.

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