Our NITRO Studio is a powerful forms and workflow solution for building applications on Microsoft’s SharePoint and Office 365 platforms. Not only do we provide “out-of-the-box” business applications running on NITRO Studio, many organizations have adopted the Studio and built their own solutions.

Now, in the Office 365 version of NITRO Studio, we have added the ability to send alerts and notifications to Microsoft Teams. This is a great way to keep users and staff informed about any events in the applications, such as creation of new requests or updates to existing ones. It also provides an important communication channel between Teams and the back-end SharePoint application.

NITRO Studio’s Workflow Manager and Custom Actions components now have a “Send Teams Message” action. This allows the application to react to an event and inform end users or staff via Teams. The alert can be a text message with placeholders for values from the ticket item, such as title, requester, due date, etc. The message can be sent to a specific team and channel. Multiple messages, going to different teams based on certain conditions, can also be set up.

See this 4-minute video for details: NITRO Studio: Send Teams Message

Many organizations that have moved to Office 365 (now called “Microsoft 365”) are adopting Microsoft Teams as the collaboration platform. Teams provides an efficient way for groups to work together on projects and other business activities. With chat, teams, file sharing, calls, bots, and much more, Teams has become the collaboration tool of choice when on Microsoft Office 365.

As end users and staff use Teams more and more for direct, immediate communication, it is important that they stay informed in Teams rather than having to switch over to email to get alerts. Already, NITRO Studio supports multiple communication methods; the addition of Teams notifications further extends NITRO’s capabilities.

This new feature is part of a larger effort we are making to have NITRO Studio and our applications fully integrated with Microsoft Teams. We recognized the growing use of Microsoft Teams and reacted accordingly. We will have more information on our full Teams integration soon, including our Support Bot and FAQ Bot for teams. Please attend our webinar on May 21st to learn more. Register here.