Employee Self-Service Portal
for SharePoint 2013, 2016, 2019 or
Office 365, Teams, & SharePoint Online

The Self-Service Portal gives users a friendly, familiar, and intuitive interface to generate requests. The Portal is mobile responsive and is easily accessed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. Users can create requests and observe the status of their requests across multiple departments in one easy view.

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Employee Self Service Portal Problem and Solution

Users Get Answers Faster!

Easily Modify Portal to Match Your Branding

The Portal is highly customizable. Easily match the look and feel of your corporate branding. Build an intuitive, friendly, responsive interface that looks good on any device. No code required. Available with the Classic SharePoint design or in the new Modern UI experience.

Engage and empower users so they can get the responses they need.

Forms and Workflows, KB and FAQs – all designed to get users the answers they need!

The Portal can present the proper form for the specific user request. For example, a support ticket would differ from a leave request, which would differ from a purchase request.

The forms are dynamic and responsive, and adapt to user input. Information can be pulled in from Active Directory and line-of-business databases. Workflows on the forms automate the fulfillment process.

Along with a variety of forms, the Portal can also include a Knowledge Base and FAQs where the user can search for answers without needing to create a ticket or request. This saves substantial staff time, both for the user who gets instant answers and for the departments, who don’t need to respond to a request.

Automate Repetitive Requests. Provide Immediate Answers 

Auto-responses along with suggested KB articles help further automation. As it is, many requests are repetitive and can be responded to immediately by the Portal through configurations that leverage previous response records and existing data.

With the addition of Crow Canyon’s NITRO AI Service, the Portal can present a chatbot that guides users through the request process and that can often provide immediate answers and guidance. Natural Language Processing (NLP) can be used to make it even easier and more informal for users to interact and get appropriate responses.

Employee Portal Knowledge Base

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Companies use the Self-Service Portal to power efficiency and productivity. They can meet and exceed their service goals, eliminate time-consuming follow-up emails and phone calls, institute procedures and controls to meet compliance regulation, and much more.

Robust back-end applications power the Portal

The Self-Service Portal is where users create and view their requests for services. The requests go to the appropriate department, where our full-featured SharePoint and Office 365-based applications manage the workload. Requests are assigned, escalated, processed, approved, and completed by whatever business procedure that department decides to implement. While users see one interface, the actual processing can take whatever route that is fitting for that request.

See how Crow Canyon’s Self-Service Portal can manage and track requests for:

Key Features of Employee Self-Service Portal
for SharePoint & Office 365

  • A centralized portal for end users to request services from any department.

  • Knowledge bases, FAQs, and chatbots that help end users resolve common issues themselves.

  • Dynamic, responsive interactive forms for submitting and viewing requests.


  • A secure interface for users to access services throughout the organization.

  • Customizable to meet the branding requirements of any organization.

  • Connects to backend departmental applications.

  • Seamlessly routes the requests to the appropriate department.

  • Speeds up employee requests and saves substantial time.

  • Reduces staff workload by streamlining requests.

Available in Classic SharePoint or Modern UI experience
Runs in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365

Employee Self-Service Portal Resources

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