Task Tracking Management Through SharePointThe human brain has only so much capacity for multitasking. The process of taking on a major project can’t always be done with a completely linear, head-on approach. Our minds often can’t simultaneously envision and juggle all of the necessary steps for a successful outcome. Instead, we naturally separate and delegate different parts of a project in an attempt to keep proper track of its various phases and each stage of completion.

The larger the project, the more difficult it can be to break it down into its individual parts for optimum tracking. Furthermore, proper facility and project management requires a good number of people and, most importantly, a way to properly mete out the work in a coherent and comprehensive way.

One effective way for a company to tackle the challenges of facility management is through task tracking via a SharePoint program. Task management allows for multiple employees to gather information about their particular facility or project, break it down into manageable steps, and delegate those to individuals or teams for completion. It comes down to how quick and effective the program can be at delegation and notification of new and pertinent information.

Task Tracking and Effective Delegation

Help with Task Tracking with SharePointA business’s ability to parse a major ongoing task such as facility management into its disparate parts can be challenged at the best of times. It involves aspects such as asset tracking, equipment maintenance, shift management and more. Each task is generated by either logged information or info automatically created via email or other programs.

The tasks can then be seen by all employees with access to the task tracking system, allowing them to take on appropriate assignments. Progress is automatically uploaded to SharePoint servers through live syncing, allowing the most up-to-date data to be visible to all. Benefits include an open avenue of communication and effective task tracking to keep facility management on track.

Combining Task Tracking and Automatic Notification

The other side of operative task tracking comes from automated notifications and reminders. SharePoint-enabled task tracking can create reminders for workers to reach certain milestones or have scheduled maintenance on equipment. The program can also have emergency notifications that are sent out when a component fails or if a deadline is breached. Once again, this feature relies on the live syncing architecture of SharePoint, which disseminates information as soon as it is logged, keeping all employees in the loop.


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