All our applications and apps, along with the NITRO Studio, are now fully compatible with SharePoint’s Modern UI. The Modern UI, currently only available on Office 365, offers new features and capabilities to SharePoint. Here are two articles that go into depth about the advantages of this new interface:

Joanne Klein: 10 Reasons the SharePoint Modern Library experience is better

Bob German: What is Modern SharePoint and Why Should I care?

We of course continue to completely support the well-known “Classic UI”. That is what people are used to and what is in use in SharePoint on-premises. But with Microsoft’s push to the Modern UI and its growing adoption, we knew it was time to “go Modern” and make sure all features of our applications work with it as well as Classic.

Our reports, dashboards, list views, ribbons, and workspace pages all integrate with the Modern UI. This gives great flexibility to our customers who can choose to use either Classic or Modern, as per their preference.

In addition, we have developed our Power Portal on the Modern UI. This gives enormous flexibility on how the portal looks and what functions it provides to users and staff. The Modern UI includes a set of “web parts” that provide many features. We have added on more, with forms, workflows, actions, list views, knowledge base, reporting, dashboards, and others, so that our portal becomes a true application interface.

The Modern UI also provides a much better mobile experience. Using the SharePoint App, the sites, pages, and lists show up nicely on a smartphone or tablet, without requiring the use of a web browser. Responsive design is natively built in to the Modern UI.

We will continue to develop on the Modern UI using the SPFx framework, so expect a lot of additional features and enhancements to be coming out. Meanwhile, read up on it at the two links above and at other sources online. And if you are using SharePoint in Office 365, give it a try!

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