SharePoint Solutions by Crow Canyon SoftwareRunning a business, regardless of size or type, requires multiple employees or groups to work together toward a common goal. That aim is to provide customers with a great service or product and, through hard work, expand the company. One of the main issues that pops up in every business is communication. Getting the proper information from one group of people to another so that a well-informed decision can be made presents a challenge.

The retail market has an even further compounded problem; communication needs to be facing inwards and outwards. Retail shops need to have an internal communication structure to allow resupplying of stock or mass communiques from human resources or IT. In addition, they must create a customer service network that takes in queries from buyers, routes them through the proper channels of the internal structure, and then passes that information back to the consumer. It is a complicated process; and one that can be helped tremendously by Crow Canyon’s Customer Service SharePoint solutions.

Crow Canyon SharePoint Solutions for Retail’s Internal Communication

The constantly moving cogs of the retail sector create a difficult environment for information gathering. When a company is small, such as a single room operation or a home business, the relevant material passes between only a few people. When that company scales up to more people and greater office space, SharePoint solutions can become an important facet of communication.

SharePoint programs can combine multiple sources of information into a central place for other departments to access. The most helpful part of this process is the immediacy. Data is collected and shared with employees instantaneously through a SharePoint-based program. In retail, this can help managers know exactly how much stock they have of a certain product. When that number gets low enough, an automated message can be sent to the worker in charge of resupplying the store, resulting in a minimal amount of time where the company is not earning money from that product. SharePoint solves these kinds of issues by effectively streamlining access to data that is already being collected.

Solving Customer Needs with Crow Canyon’s SharePoint Solutions Technology

SharePoint Customer Service SoftwareRetail companies need to keep their customers happy, and must effectively market their wares to both existing and new buyers. SharePoint provides a solution to both of these issues. Customer service representatives deal with a numerous calls and service tickets in a single day. Without some sort of automated system to catalog and mete out issues, the department can be overrun. A SharePoint-based program can combine information from email and service ticket software into a single place, streamlining the process to quickly help the consumer.

SharePoint Solutions Suit Companies Large and Small

SharePoint also solves the marketing issue by collecting sales data from the point of sale or online shopping into the database. This kind of information is extremely important in deciding what products to market to certain demographics. Or, by having a consumer-facing account system/loyalty system, a retail shop can target specific advertisements that are relevant to that customer’s needs. Companies and organizations such as Amazon, Best Buy and the multiple locations of Copenhagen Airports all prove that collecting this data can effectively increase the impact of advertising and increase profits and efficiency. SharePoint-based solutions such as these help to create a strong and dynamic company structure that will grow and become more successful.


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