SharePoint customer service solutionsFor any organization that seeks to provide excellent customer service, having employees who are effective at interacting with customers is critical. There is a tipping point, however, where even being the best customer service representative will not help; it comes down to time management. The most successful customer relations personnel give time and effort to respond with care and attention to clients’ needs. However, if the employee’s time is taken up with routine data entry tasks, it takes away from actually helping customers with their requests.

Automation of routine tasks with our SharePoint-based Customer Support application is a very effective way to increase productivity and provide better customer support. Our program can be set to pull data from just about any source, ranging from phone calls to emails to online tickets, and gathering that data into a clear and usable form. This relieves the support agents from tedious and time-consuming manual lookups. allowing them to concentrate on the larger issues requiring individual attention.

How Does Automation through SharePoint Help Customer Service?

SharePoint as the root architecture for an automated customer service system makes a lot of sense. The main strengths of SharePoint are to correlate gathered data into accessible and readable lists, as well as catalogue information to be seen by various levels of employees. Our SharePoint programs can take information from multiple sources (customer databases, membership records, order systems, ERP, CRM, contact lists in SharePoint, etc.) with little direct input from employees. The automatic accessing and logging of data means quicker customer service and more effective use of the most important resource — the customer service representatives.

Implementing SharePoint as a Customer Support Solution

Creating this kind of automated service is a complicated task. Unless a business has a fleet of programmers to specifically code for each particular use, it is more cost efficient to look toward the software that is on the market. Well-designed software will integrate quickly into a company’s current work flow with little downtime between installation and full use.

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