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Auditing for Internal Controls and Regulatory Compliance

Auditing of SharePoint lists and libraries is useful for internal purposes, such as tracking progress and performance of a help desk or a document management system, for example. However, auditing is often done because it is mandatory as part of Regulatory and… Read more »

Benicia, California (June 16, 2014) – Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., has released a new Discussion Column web part for SharePoint that greatly improves on SharePoint’s Multiple Lines of Text column. This new web part gives users and administrators greater flexibility and performance when tracking and logging conversations on tickets, tasks,… Read more »

In today’s highly competitive world, the success of securing new business can hinge on the speed at which you can retrieve needed documents and information. Consider the efficiency of your company’s current document management and retrieval process: is there room for improvement? Documents traditionally kept in filing cabinets take… Read more »

SharePoint is a versatile, web-based platform developed by Microsoft that is used by many major companies for highly effective document and file management, team collaboration, enterprise research and business intelligence. In addition, it has the capability for system and process integration, as well as workflow automation. SharePoint can be accessed… Read more »

Crow Canyon Software, a premier provider of business process applications for Microsoft SharePoint, is proud to sponsor the Boston Area SharePoint Users Group (BASPUG). Crow Canyon has years of success developing SharePoint applications and custom solutions for customers worldwide, including many in the Boston area. With an office in… Read more »

Keeping everyone in a company on the same page (literally) can feel like a gargantuan task. Multiple employees each have their own schedules and tasks that need to come together to make sure everything runs on point. Naturally, calendars must come into play, but when these exist within their own… Read more »

Benicia, CA (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Crow Canyon Systems, a premier provider of business applications for SharePoint, announces the release of its DataSync and Auditing Tool for SharePoint. The tool provides full export and syncing of SharePoint list data – including version history — to any ODBC-compliant database. The… Read more »

Service pack 1 for SharePoint Server 2013 was initially released by Microsoft in February this year. However, it was withdrawn early in April when some users experienced problems getting updates after applying the service pack.

SharePoint Service Pack 1 was re-released on 22 April by Microsoft. It provides all the… Read more »

The Cloud Computing Stack

Cloud computing can be seen as a number of services that are added layer upon layer to form a stack. The three fundamental layers of the stack are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) at the base, then PaaS (Platform as a Service) above that, and then… Read more »

“To know what lies on the road ahead, ask those coming back.”

When making a business decision, you need confidence that you are on the right track in terms of business strategy. To know what choices to make, it is helpful to know how things worked out for others who… Read more »

A check voucher system is an important financial control in any organization. It allows you to verify the authenticity of a vendor’s invoice before payment is made, thereby ensuring that no unwarranted or duplicate payments are made and that the goods or services were delivered.

Manual and paper voucher systems… Read more »

What do you do when you have multiple help desks within an organization? Management needs an application to be able to track documentation and assess the performance of each help desk.

Multiple help desks can arise when you have branches nationwide or even globally. This can also be the case… Read more »

Introducing a new product to the market involves many steps spanning all departments in a company. The path to successful launch is fraught with challenges. Even if the design and engineering departments come up fine product or creative use of technology, a product can still fail. The marketing team could… Read more »

For any organization that seeks to provide excellent customer service, having employees who are effective at interacting with customers is critical. There is a tipping point, however, where even being the best customer service representative will not help; it comes down to time management. The most successful customer relations personnel… Read more »

The best kinds of companies have a keen understanding of their internal processes. The base pipelines that ensure that business gets done in an effective manner should be well thought out and take into account multiple factors that could cause issues. However, a singular process cannot last forever in a… Read more »

Crow Canyon Software announces the release of two new reporting tools for its Service Desk, Customer Support, and Asset Tracking applications for Microsoft SharePoint.  These tools provide robust reporting and analytical capabilities for Crow Canyon’s applications. They can also be adapted to work with other SharePoint list and library data…. Read more »

Successfully setting the stage for a fully functioning company needs more than people and a bunch of computers. The most talented employees can be burdened by the seemingly endless minutiae involved in launching or expanding a company. These challenging steps are not just about acquiring software or the inputting of… Read more »

It is hard to imagine the amount of raw information that many companies must manage on a daily basis. Tech companies that oversee multiple product lines, and by extension have many troubleshooting avenues and resources, can receive a daunting number of call-ins. Even smaller companies with fewer products must often… Read more »

It sounds like a well-worn adage for every business out there: develop and maintain good customer service. Sure, it seems obvious enough, but with so many things to organize and manage overall, sometimes turning that advice into a concrete process can get lost in the shuffle.

Any way that you… Read more »

As shown in Part 1 of this blog, Excel Services is a versatile service application that can be scaled out independently to many individual application servers running the ECS (Excel Calculation Server) service.

Users can easily explore data and conduct analysis and Excel Services reports that use SQL Server… Read more »