Asset Tracking in SharePointEvery company needs to ensure that their equipment is in the right place at the proper time, and that maintenance and other ongoing requirements are up to date.

There should also be a reliable way to keep on top of needed replacement and repair issues when they arise.

Having instant access to an in depth catalogue of the various types and quantities of equipment in use or held as company assets is necessary to making the business run smoothly.

Computer Asset TrackingCompany laptops, tablets, or industrial and delivery assets such as machinery and trucks, all have sign out, servicing and repair routines that must be followed.

Finding an efficient way to track and keep all of these different pieces of the “company machine” in order creates an interesting challenge.

How can a department constantly keep on top of the whereabouts, current condition and maintenance scheduling of so many differing but necessary components?

Asset tracking software fills this vital need through a well-designed system of check-ins and automated systems. Having all of this equipment “visible” through a cloud-based service in the SharePoint architecture makes tracking a simple matter. It also creates an effective pipeline to submit service tickets and solve issues. A machine no longer remains simply a number within a larger system; it is granted a detailed identity within the larger organizational structure.

SharePoint Asset Tracking Software and Visibility

One of the main issues that asset tracking software can easily solve is cataloguing and following the usage of a particular component within a company. It goes beyond merely identifying “Laptop #3324” and keeping track of serial numbers.

These SharePoint-based programs have the capacity to store and maintain myriad kinds of data about a computer device, machine or other piece of equipment that can be viewed and updated at a moment’s notice.

Asset Tracking SolutionThis instantaneous access is important because it gives up-to-the-minute information about an asset’s whereabouts, and delivers key information to IT staff or company mechanics, for example, who may be troubleshooting an issue or responding to a repair need.

Categorizing with Asset Tracking Software

Searching through a database can be a huge pain if there is no way to effectively cull the results. Luckily, through asset tracking software within SharePoint architecture, searches can be pared down via specific search filters for categories such as:

  • • Specific company departments
  • • Type of asset
  • • Age of the device or machine
  • • End-of-life expiries
  • • Tickets related to specific issues

The list of possibilities goes on, and can be custom designed to accommodate the search criteria of any business or organization. By limiting a search to a particular category, only the most pertinent information is retrieved and an employee can easily find the asset they need in order to address the necessary task. They may need to schedule maintenance time or update information about the specifications—whatever the case may be, SharePoint asset tracking software can accommodate the task with ease and speed.


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