Check Request & Purchase Requisitions

Manage Check Requests and Purchase Requisitions from initiation to completion

Check Request & Purchase Requisitions systems that streamline financial & administrative processes

Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, Crow Canyon’s Check Request and Purchase Requisition systems use workflows and custom actions to track financial requests from beginning to end

Manage Check Requests and Purchase Requisitions from initiation to completion

Check Request & Purchase Requisition Features

  • Seamless creation and tracking of requests
  • Customizable approval workflows, including multiple levels
  • Approvals can be based on cost, department, type, and more
  • Restricted access to edits/approvals
  • Notifications on approval, denial, and request for more information
  • Integration with external financial systems
  • Reporting for financial control and managed costs

Replace paper Check Requests with a seamless electronic approval system

Purchase Requisitions - ElectronicallyThe Check Request system puts SharePoint’s collaboration engine to work managing requests and workflows. Easily replace any paper request/voucher system and greatly improve speed and accountability.

Requests for payment are created. Approvers and approval levels are defined and workflows instituted. Email notifications keep those who need to know informed, preventing any requests from falling through the cracks. From creation to completion, the Check Request system tracks and records all approvals, status, and activity. Records are saved for later analysis. Using advanced permissions, the system prevents unauthorized users from handling requests.

Since each organization’s process is unique, the system can be easily customized to meet your exact workflow and approval needs, including integration with financial software.

Streamline your Purchase Requisition process from beginning to end

Similar to the Check Request system, the Purchase Requisition system allows for easy customization to match your purchase process and to replace paper forms. Set predefined approvers based on the cost, department, category, some combination of the above, or all of the above. Advanced reporting makes managing budgets a breeze by easily viewing total costs by department or category.

Part of Crow Canyon’s family of Business Process Automation tools

sharepoint check requestThe Check Request and Purchase Requisitions systems are part of Crow Canyon’s business process automation tools built on SharePoint Server, Microsoft’s main business collaboration tool. It is based on our Service Request for SharePoint engine, which provides robust tracking and management features and incorporates years of SharePoint development. The Service Request system is used at organizations around the world in applications such as Help Desk, Customer Support, Asset Tracking, Employee Services, and more.

All our applications contain the features below while at the same time being tailored to fit a specific request management and tracking need.

Features of our SharePoint Applications

  • Capture requests from SharePoint, Web forms and email
  • Lists, views, forms and dashboards are fully customizable
  • Microsoft Outlook and Office integration
  • Full management of tickets: Assign and track
  • Monitor activity, most importantly, performance across all departments
  • Automated notifications, notices and routing
  • Complete and comprehensive reporting withcomp charts and dashboards
  • Printing and distributing methods for Work Orders
  • Straightforward application with low-cost of ownership
  • Options such as SLA measurements, escalations and alerts

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