IT Solutions by Crow Canyon SoftwareInformation Technology: the words infer the need for a close relationship between the technology a company uses and the information that it collects. Regardless of what kind of data a business gathers through its internal and external interactions, the ability to collect, correlate, and analyze that information is one of the important keys to success.

Some companies occupy a very specific product or service niche; this means that they have a unique data set that must be analyzed. While in some cases, the basic version of a program like SharePoint can capture this information through pre-made reports, many businesses need to go one step further and come up with specific forms and ticket fields that suit the services they render.

Having the ability to gather a particular set of information through relevant input fields allows for accurate and “good” data to be surfaced. By collecting the relevant information and running it through advanced reporting modules, a company can make the best decisions possible to grow its capital. This is just one of many efficient IT solutions a company can utilize through add-on SharePoint modules.

What is the value of a Custom-Made Report?

And more importantly, why does it constitute part of efficient IT solutions? The answer is twofold:

  1. A custom-made report involves presenting a particular data set, in tabular or statistical form, in order to view the information in a “big picture” sense or to dive into a particular statistical problem to discern an answer.
  2. Data is imported through Excel or other programs with a single click and made ready to be viewed by employees through the SharePoint add-on. The time-consuming work of data entry is eliminated.
Sharing Information as Efficient IT Solutions

SharePoint IT SolutionsTo make good decisions, good data is needed. The data used to make the best decisions must not only be clear, but also readily and easily available. Custom-made reports through SharePoint are easy to create, by simply selecting particular fields and creating a multi-view chart or table.

Another important feature that plays into efficient IT solutions is exporting to PDF. This process allows the report to be emailed to other employees or stored for later use. An advanced reporting add-on for SharePoint provides many efficient ways to share data across a company, leading to better cooperation and a more unified approach to business.


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