SharePoint mythsMYTH: SharePoint is Only a Smart Document Storage and Collaboration System

This myth has hung around since SharePoint’s early days. Early versions of Microsoft SharePoint focused on providing a place where documents could be stored and teams could collaborate on tasks. These early versions helped manage multiple versions of important documents and made collaboration more organized.

However, SharePoint has grown much since then. SharePoint 2007 and 2010 introduced the ability to build business applications. SharePoint 2013 has given developers the capability to release a host of critical business applications and run them in SharePoint.

SharePoint is now a vehicle for social interaction as well as business collaboration and sophisticated document management. This has turned SharePoint into a true computing platform.

MYTH: SharePoint Must be Managed by IT

You may be concerned about SharePoint placing an additional burden on your IT department. The purpose is, however, to configure the SharePoint environment so that individual departments can organize and manage content themselves.

Instead of being bombarded with requests for help, IT can focus on developing and managing major processes that increase business efficiency and improve productivity. SharePoint enables IT to configure the platform to automate many processes and provide departments and teams with the tools to manage tasks themselves.

MYTH: SharePoint is Not Suitable for Large Businesses

Surveys have shown that almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint.

There are many benefits for large companies that run SharePoint effectively and utilize its full potential:

  • SharePoint provides a single, integrated platform for all software systems used by finance, IT, production, marketing, sales and logistics. This enables better inter-departmental communication and more effective management, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.
  • It improves customer relations by providing, in one location, a record of all interaction with any particular client. Enquiries are resolved faster, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • SharePoint provides a common platform for accessing data and sharing information, so employees can operate more effectively.
  • Information libraries and training aids are more accessible. Easier access to material can result in better decisions.
  • SharePoint can incorporate a reporting system to log all activity. This provides more immediate and effective control over performance, either for departments or individuals.
MYTH: SharePoint is Difficult to Customize

Companies that purchase SharePoint want the platform to suit their needs and want their investment of time and money to pay off. It’s important to understand that the development possibilities of SharePoint are endless. It can be customized to suit the requirements of any organization. An experienced SharePoint consultant will make the process simple and maximize the benefits by working with you to customize your brand elements and workflows.

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