Crow Canyon Software Service RequestAlmost all organizations have challenges, particularly in providing services in a consistent manner for all employees and customers using them to be productive in their jobs. Usually, individual service departments are set up to provide these services. Each department, however, has different methods and ways to request services, and the processes for tracking and communicating with the original requesters are often manual and cumbersome.
Understandably, all of this takes away from employee productivity. A further downside is that often there is no way to measure the service levels being provided. Fortunately, Crow Canyon Software Service Request for SharePoint is comprehensive service request software that addresses these issues and automates service requests across your entire organization.

Many benefits to Using Crow Canyon Software Service Request

Crow Canyon Software Service Request is designed to provide the central point for employees and customers to request services. It automatically routes those requests to the appropriate department and tracks them all throughout the process. It also provides status updates and notifications to all pertinent parties, and includes dashboards and reports to measure service levels.

Crow Canyon Software Service Request is built on Microsoft SharePoint, which allows you to merge process automation with the collaboration features of SharePoint, thus bringing in all documents, calendars, tasks and projects, and collaboration capabilities into the service request process. It is comprehensive and superior service request system in use by thousands of organizations worldwide.

Built using SharePoint standard interfaces, Crow Canyon Service Request is 100% customizable to fit your system and your needs. You can automate your existing practices, and use your current work flows, forms and policies on your existing systems. The results overall are increased productivity across the board, plus better accountability and service level measurement.

How Does Crow Canyon Software Service Request Work?

Here is a rundown of the practical sequence involved in this easy-to-use service request software.Increase Production with Crow Canyon Software Service Request

    • Requests are submitted by e-mail to a common e-mail address or through a SharePoint workspace. A web form can used; issues can also be taken over the phone.
    • Those requests are turned into tickets, which are then delivered to the appropriate and responsible department.
    • Tickets are stored in their service desk, where they can be assigned to staff or fulfilled immediately.
    • If assigned to staff, a ticket becomes a work order. The staff can open up Crow Canyon Software Service Request, work on that work order, and record all activity in a work log.

– They have access to knowledge bases for help in solving or fulfilling the request.
– They can schedule appointments, create tasks, or reassign and complete the work order, all from a common screen.
– Time spent on tickets is tracked and recorded.
– The tickets are monitored to make sure due dates are met and no issues slip through the cracks.
– Tickets can be escalated to other service groups or outside vendors, if needed.

  • Upon completion, the requester and all interested parties are automatically notified, thus automating the entire service request process.
  • Along the way, extensive reporting and dashboards provide insight into the performance of the Service Request system.
Crow Canyon Software Service Request: More than the Sum of Its Parts

What this means for your organization is immediate ROI (return on investment) from SharePoint and Crow Canyon Software Service Request, and a significant rise in productivity. Employees focus more on their jobs, department staff can be more productive in fulfilling requests, and service levels across the board are higher, with better control and measurement.

More great news: the ROI for Crow Canyon Software Service Request for SharePoint is often less than two months!


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