IT Help Desk for
SharePoint & Office 365

Help Desk Ticket System for SharePoint & Office 365.

The IT Department is faced with the challenge of delivering a high level of service with limited resources and funds. Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk automates the entire IT process, leveraging what you are already using: Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, and email. The IT Help Desk is built for tracking, prioritizing, and solving tickets.

Through detailed tracking of requests and efficient queue management, tickets are resolved quickly and user satisfaction increases. Help Desk performance can be monitored and assessed for continuous service level improvements.

Support your end-users seamlessly on any channel: web, email, phone, text SMS, and mobile app.

Runs on SharePoint on-premises or Office 365.

Why Use Crow Canyon’s IT Help Desk Solution

Help Desk runs in Office 365 or SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019. Flexible and Easy to Use.

  • Flexible forms with customizable fields, look and feel
  • You control routing, notifications and communication
  • Approvals based on category and type of request
  • Include existing forms and links to policies

Improve Incident Resolution Times

From within a work-order, your staff can:

  • Access a knowledge base
  • See related tickets
  • Create sub-tasks
  • Access asset and equipment information
  • View hardware, software, capacity and updates information
  • Schedule appointments

Measure and Track Service

  • Full reporting works with Excel, PowerBI, and other reporting tools
  • Full incident tracking, time tracking and tracking by project
  • Report on service levels and automatic escalation
  • Satisfaction surveys linked to at completion of request

IT Help Desk for SharePoint and Office 365 helps you Track and Manage all these and more:

  • IT Support Incidents
  • Hardware and Software requests
  • Configuration change requests
  • Password / email requests
  • New user setup
  • Website change requests
  • Client / Customer Support
  • Application defect tracking

Key Features of Crow Canyon’s
IT Help Desk for SharePoint & Office 365

  • Email Conversion
    New emails sent to the Help Desk are converted to tickets; subsequent emails are linked to the ticket.

  • Integrate with Asset Management
    Designed to easily integrate with Crow Canyon’s Asset Management for SharePoint and Office 365, if you need assets linked with a ticketing system.

  • Knowledge Base
    Build-your-own set of KB articles for user self-service or easy staff reference.

  • Employee or Customer Support
    Internal Help Desk? External Customer Support? The system can be used for either or both.

  • Mobile Device Support
    Access tickets, make changes, respond to users, close tickets and more from smartphone or tablet.

  • Automatic Ticket Routing
    Sends ticket to the correct person or group for handling, speeds resolution.

  • Easy Administration
    Uses standard SharePoint utilities as well as custom administrative interface for ease in configuring and maintaining system.

  • Reporting and Dashboards
    Visual displays of ticket status, assignment, quantity, priority, overdues, and more. Use built-in reports or create your own. Can also use PowerBI to generate reports.

  • Extensive Alerting/Notifications
    Keeps everyone involved informed and up-to-date. Easily configured for your needs.

  • Outlook Addin
    Addin to Outlook available to send emails to the help desk, link emails with tickets, or create new tickets from Outlook.

  • Sub-tasks and Parent/Child
    Tickets and tasks can be linked and set up in a parent/child relation to group associated activities together.

  • Work Log and Time Tracking
    Record of who did what and for how long, so as to keep everyone up-to-date on ticket activity as well as provide stats for reporting.

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