Three Pillars of SharePoint/Office 365 Application Design

The “Three Pillars of Application Design” is Crow Canyon’s unique approach to developing applications that engage users, streamline processes, and provide reporting that drives service delivery optimization. This Three Pillar approach is the foundation of our NITRO™ application service layer that powers up SharePoint and Office 365 to become true business application platforms.

We have developed numerous applications and custom development projects based on the NITRO™ application service layer. Check out the information below and the links on this page to see how Crow Canyon can deliver robust SharePoint and Office 365 applications that drive efficiency and productivity at your company or organization.

sharepoint application design sharepoint workflows sharepoint reporting for service improvement

UI/UX — Forms, Portals, Mobile

User adoption and ease-of-use is critical to application success. NITRO™ employs forms, portals, dashboards, branding, and responsive mobile interfaces to enhance SharePoint and engage users and staff.

Blog: NITRO™ In-Depth: UI/UX
Blog: NITRO™ In-Depth: Configuration

Video: NITRO™ UI/UX Overview

Workflows & Processes

Workflows can be simple or complex – either way, NITRO™’s many capabilities deliver the routing, approvals, processing, tracking, and alerting needed for serious and substantial business applications.

Blog: Go With the Workflow

Video: NITRO™ Workflow Overview

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting tools give the insight needed to measure and improve service. Employing dashboards, charts, graphs, tables, and more, NITRO™ provides the information that guides continuous improvement in your organization.

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