Equipment Tracking
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Manage Equipment — Service, Repairs, Contracts, Parts

Equipment Tracking for SharePoint enables tracking of any type of equipment in your department, your organization, on campus, or at customer and job sites. Track tickets and service calls for equipment, manage service contracts and regular maintenance tasks. See what equipment is deployed in an account or at a site.

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Crow Canyon Equipment Tracking provides a powerful way to get the complete picture of equipment status, maintenance needs, and usage activities. Equipment can be linked to an account, a project, a site, a department — wherever and however it is used, so as to give a full record of who is using what equipment where and what is the condition and needs of that equipment.

Highly customizable with no-coding — easy to adapt to your specific equipment tracking needs! Includes configurable forms, alerting, workflow manager, and approval processing, along with dashboards and reporting.

Can be used with Crow Canyon’s Facilities Maintenance/Work Order system — your staff can get a full-spectrum view of the equipment, including maintenance records, related service issues, and tasks. Easy to configure for preventative maintenance, recurring tasks, work orders, time tracking, and more, as needed.

All types of equipment can be tracked, managed, and maintained with Crow Canyon’s Equipment Tracking for SharePoint and Office 365 such as:

  • Vehicles
  • Buildings
  • Furniture
  • Factory Machinery
  • Tools
  • Office Equipment
  • Athletic Supplies
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Field Sensors
  • Medical Devices
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • And many more

Customer service and field service staff can accurately and easily track equipment — status, service needs, location, usage, contracts, vendors, purchase orders, and more. Service tickets and maintenance tasks can be generated for a piece of equipment.

Linking service tickets and work orders to equipment maintenance is key to keeping costs low and equipment properly maintained, thereby delivering high levels of service.

Equipment Tracking Screen Shot
Equipment Tracking Screen Shot

Preventative Maintenance

Simply put, equipment needs to be serviced and maintained. Our Facilities Management work order system works in conjunction with Equipment Tracking to add features such as recurring tickets, alerting, notifications, and more so that regular maintenance events are generated and assigned automatically. When the work is done, the amount of time spent and parts used can be recorded to give a full account of maintenance costs for each asset.

Equipment Tracking combined with Facilities Management allows staff to manage both proactive and reactive maintenance events. The team knows what regular maintenance tasks are coming up as well as what issues or problems need immediate attention.

Gain the benefits of Equipment Tracking for SharePoint — lower maintenance costs, better kept equipment, accurate tracking of equipment usage and location!

Key Features of Crow Canyon’s Equipment Tracking
for SharePoint & Office 365

  • Detailed Equipment Information
    Track detailed information about each piece of equipment, including location, owner, status and more.

  • Alerts and Notifications
    Get alerts on equipment maintenance, contract renewals, requests, issues, moves, and more.

  • Mobile Devices
    View and update equipment through smartphone or tablet. Get maintenance tasks and tickets while out in the field.

  • Link to Warranties, Manuals, Service Contracts
    Important documents – warranties, manuals, purchase orders, contracts – are linked to equipment and readily available for reference.

  • Barcoding & QR Codes
    Enhance equipment and inventory tracking with barcoding and QR code capabilities.

  • Integrates with Facilities/Work Order System
    Integrates with Crow Canyon’s Facilities/Work Orders for SharePoint to provide full-spectrum support & service to employees and customers.

  • Recurring Maintenance Tasks
    Recurring maintenance tasks and schedules can be set up to track repairs and routine service, and track time, materials, and costs

  • Manage Vendor and Supplier Relations
    Vendors and Suppliers are linked to equipment, with details about service contracts, support, repair services, re-ordering, and more.

  • Track Parts and Inventory
    Track parts and inventory and get automatic reminders when stock runs low and needs replenishing.

  • Reports & Dashboards
    Visual displays of equipment status, usage, maintenance needs. Use built-in reports or create your own.

  • Purchasing Module Available
    Purchasing / Procurement module can be added to manage purchase and intake of equipment.

  • Check-in / Checkout
    Know who is using the asset, how long they need it, and when it will be returned

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