Scott Restivo, Founder, Crow Canyon Systems, Inc.

Scott has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years.

He is a certified systems engineer, with CNE, MCSE, and CCNA designations, and during the 1990’s Internet and networking boom he acted as a consultant to the military and corporations.  In 1999, Scott founded Crow Canyon Systems, Inc., and has headed it as CEO since then. The company’s first product was the popular “Outlook Help Desk” that ran in Microsoft Exchange public folders and Microsoft Outlook. Since then it has grown to include a global customer base and a multitude of business process and support/service applications.

Crow Canyon Systems has worked in SharePoint since its beginnings as SharePoint Team Services and continues to develop collaborative applications for the SharePoint platform. The company’s Tools & Web Parts extend the power of the native SharePoint platform.

Contact us here for all of your SharePoint Application needs … or call (925) 478-3110.

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