List Search for SharePoint

Web Part Provides Comprehensive, Cross-site Searches of any List or Library in SharePoint!

Crow Canyon’s List Search for SharePoint web part adds extensive search capabilities to any SharePoint site. The web part can search any List or Library in SharePoint, including ones in a different site in the same site collection. It has several configurable search modes – single-column, simple, and advanced – to give you full power to search for and find precisely what you need. Works in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

List Search for SharePoint Features:

  • Easily find items in any list or library
  • Customize search for your specific needs
  • Edit or print search results
  • Can be added to any SharePoint page
  • Has three modes:
    • Simple – general search of list or library
    • Single-column – focused search on one column
    • Advanced – you choose the columns and operators

Try before you buy. Download and install a full-featured, 30-day trial version of List Search for SharePoint. We will send you a permanent license key upon purchase.

List search for SharePoint
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Crow Canyon’s List Search for SharePoint makes finding items in lists or libraries a snap! Searches can be general, specific, or advanced – you decide. The web part is highly configurable and adaptable to your specific search needs. Crow Canyon’s List Search features several innovations – including cross-site lookup capabilities and single column searching. Cross-site lookup allows you to be in one site and search another site in the site collection. Single-column search is used for finding assets by barcode, tickets by ID, contacts by full name, and many other specific searches.

  •  Highly configurable search options
  • Simple, Specific, and Advanced Search modes
  • Simple and Advanced modes allow you to choose the list to search on the fly
  • Simple mode does a general search on  common fields
  • Specific mode searches on one single, pre-determined column
  • Advanced mode allows chaining of conditions for complex searches
  • Chaining can be with “AND” and “OR”
  • Many operators available – equals, not equals, contains, begins with, etc.
  • Choice and Lookup columns show list of possible values
  • Date columns show a date picker
  • Edit or Print search results
  • Search results displayed in list view, can be easily sorted


Use the Crow Canyon List Search web part for easy, yet powerful, searches on any list and library in SharePoint!

The Crow Canyon List Search web part is installed directly on a SharePoint server. It comes with a 30-day free trial. The full license is provided upon purchase.

License Price Buy
Server License (includes Annual Support) $498 Buy Now
Annual Support Renewal $99 Buy Now


    • Server License with Annual Support entitles you to install the application on one front-end server. The License includes support, which means the right to contact us for support within one year from date of purchase. Bug fixes and minor upgrades are included with the License.

NOTE: This is a Server License, not a Farm-wide license: If you have multiple front-end servers in the SharePoint Farm, a server license is needed for each one.

  • Annual Support Renewal renews annual support for another year. This renewal is made after one year.

Please contact us for additional licensing plans, including volume discounts and developer licenses.