Pricing for Business Applications

for our SharePoint & Office 365 Business Applications

Crow Canyon’s SharePoint applications are delivered as a Site Collection with one or more pre-configured Service Area Sites. Each pre-configured Service Area Site has specific functionality for the department or group that will be using it, such as IT, Facilities, Employee Service Center, HR, Asset Tracking, Customer Service and others.

The Site Collection provides the framework that holds the many web parts and other enhancements we add to SharePoint. The pricing is by the number of Service Area Sites that we provide within the Site Collection and by the number of staff personnel defined as “Named Seats” for each of these Sites.

“Service Areas Sites” are pre-configured Sites for departments such as IT, Facilities, Employee Service Center, HR, Asset Tracking, Customer Service, Marketing, and others that need to track requests. These are added to the Site Collection framework we provide.

Note: Some customers just need one Service Area Site, such as IT Help Desk; others purchase multiple Sites. Either way is fine — the purchase can be for one Site or for multiple Sites. Sites can also be added at a later time.

“Named Seats” are staff in a Service Area Sites who will be assigning tickets, working on tickets, or running reports on ticket activity. There is no charge for users who submit tickets only.

Pricing for the first Service Area Site starts at $1995. Additional Sites start at $995 each. We also offer unlimited Named Seats and Enterprise SharePoint pricing options.

Contact us for enterprise pricing.

Perpetual License with Annual Support & Maintenance

Our pricing is for a Perpetual License that includes support and maintenance costs for the first year. The license is for the full SharePoint Farm, not for each server in the Farm.

Crow Canyon’s SharePoint applications are sold as a Perpetual License. The initial purchase includes one year of technical support as well as maintenance and version updates. Technical Support and Maintenance/Version Updates can be renewed in the second year at 20% of the initial cost.

We do not price the application low and then add on a support contract as an additional required cost. We include the first year of support and upgrades in our prices. Additionally, our pricing stays the same regardless of the number of servers in your SharePoint Farm. We do not price the application ‘per server’.

The software license applies to one site collection installation in one Microsoft SharePoint Server farm. Prices are quoted in US $. There are no taxes or shipping charges.

Standard vs. Enterprise Support

The purchase comes with Standard Support – all technical support and fixes for the application, as well as upgrades. We also offer an Enterprise Support package with 24×7 support, emergency phone numbers, higher priority in the support queue, and a development server license. The Enterprise Support can be added to the initial purchase for an additional, pro-rated cost.

Please note that we define “support” as questions about our applications, not about setup and configuration of SharePoint itself or about connection to Exchange or databases. SharePoint configuration and connectivity services are available from Crow Canyon as a separate purchase.

Contact for details and pricing on Enterprise Support.

What’s Included with Your Purchase

  • Installation on the production SharePoint server.
  • Installation on development/test server if either a Development Server license or Enterprise Support (which includes a Development Server license) is purchased.
  • All upgrades and bug fixes to the application purchased.
  • Unlimited technical support by email.
  • Phone support during business hours.
  • Access to online Manuals, Tutorials, Video Library, User Guides, and other resources at our web site for both administrators and users.

The above is for our Standard Support, which is included with the purchase. Enterprise Support is available for an additional charge, as described above.

Technical Support does not include custom development work, integration with other programs, extension of the program, upgrades to newer versions of SharePoint Server, or training of end users or staff. These are available for additional cost (see below).

Contact us for enterprise pricing.
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