SharePoint Service Request Features

Crow Canyon Service Request for SharePoint Features

No additional software or hardware required check-icon
Built on standard SharePoint check-icon
Supports all versions of SharePoint (2007, 2010, 2013) check-icon
Support for multiple service desks within organization check-icon
Easily integrates with other applications check-icon
Connect to SQL or other LOB database check-icon
Synchronization with Outlook check-icon
Does not require separate DB, Security, maintenance, etc. check-icon
Templates for IT, HR, Facilities, and more check-icon
Customizable without the need to write code check-icon
Create/cross reference additional data/lists check-icon
Add/Edit/Delete List columns (fields) check-icon
Create/Edit/Delete List Views (ticket list views) check-icon
Create/Edit/Delete Workspaces (role based pages) check-icon
Create/Edit/Delete Dashboard web parts (charts, tables) check-icon
Change Look and Feel (Your logo, Theme, Master page) check-icon
Break ticket form into Tabs, fields per tab check-icon
Column/field level permissions for ticket forms check-icon
Ticket display view with related docs, tasks, events and more check-icon
Issue/Service Request Capture
Capture from any email and convert to ticket check-icon
Capture all types of attachments and link to ticket check-icon
Create tickets from Outlook email check-icon
Capture from external web page form check-icon
Capture from SharePoint form (end-user specific) check-icon
Quick add for Phone calls coming in check-icon
Capture from mobile/smart phone entry check-icon
Employee/Requester Interface
Employee/Requester Workspace for ticket/request tracking check-icon
Employee specific Knowledgebase check-icon
Auto fill in of Requester info from AD or SP user info check-icon
Requester can create/view tickets for multiple service desks check-icon
Notifications / Alerts
Notification/alerts by email or SMS check-icon
Automatic notification of new ticket to person or group check-icon
Automatic notification of ticket assignment check-icon
Automatic notification of ticket completion check-icon
Custom notification templates with fields and link check-icon
Alerts for overdue tickets or other conditions check-icon
Notification at the Category/Type level check-icon
Ticket Processing/Management
Assign one or many staff or groups check-icon
Automatic assignment to staff or group by category check-icon
Work log for tracking activities with date/time stamp check-icon
Link Tickets to Knowledgebase articles check-icon
Full escalation/SLA alerts and reminders check-icon
Track personnel time and cost per ticket check-icon
Set billing levels for chargeback check-icon
Record Elapsed time with start and stop clock check-icon
Approval workflow by Category/Issue type check-icon
Staff assignment from SP groups (ex. IT staff drop down) check-icon
Email and Voice Collaboration
Send email from within ticket check-icon
Forward and link emails to tickets check-icon
Convert Outlook emails to tickets check-icon
Link Outlook emails to tickets check-icon
View email collaboration from ticket view check-icon
Call Requester from ticket info via Skype or Live check-icon
Support Chat/messaging check-icon
Knowledgebase and Satisfaction Surveys
Full knowledgebase for each service department check-icon
Search Knowledgebase from ticket check-icon
Create Knowledgebase article from ticket check-icon
Full customer satisfaction survey support check-icon
Link to survey on ticket completion check-icon
Team Support
Link tickets to Team discussion by request/issue category check-icon
Link tickets to support calendar for service appointments check-icon
Link tickets to staff/team tasks check-icon
Link tickets to service documents check-icon
Service Management and Measurement
Service Staff workspace/views (my tickets) check-icon
Management workspace/views check-icon
Over a dozen pre-defined Ticket list views check-icon
Filter, sort, summarize ticket information check-icon
Search across all fields for ticket info check-icon
Dashboard for real-time measurement check-icon
Supports real-time definable charts check-icon
Supports real-time definable tables check-icon
Export any ticket data (by view) to Excel or Access check-icon
Excel-based reporting application with pre-defined reports check-icon
Define and schedule periodic reports check-icon
Email reports in PDF format check-icon
Control access at the site, workspace, list and field level check-icon
Separate service desk permissions by department IT, HR etc. check-icon
No additional login required for end users check-icon
Asset / Equipment Tracking
Upload/Import existing asset information check-icon
Assign assets to employees or department check-icon
Link Issues/tickets to Asset check-icon
View all incidents/repairs/maintenance per asset check-icon
Track vendors and assets from vendors check-icon
Track warranty information and link to asset check-icon
Create warranty expiration alerts check-icon
Link manuals/documents to assets check-icon
Create hyperlink to vendor support sites for asset check-icon
Link to LanSweeper for IT Asset autodiscovery check-icon
Link to other Asset tracking tools check-icon
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