People have asked for more videos, and we are creating them. If you don’t see what you want below, contact us for a live demo to see the full power and capabilities of these applications!

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IT Help Desk Overview (4 mins)
IT Help Desk Webinar (55 mins)
Asset Management Overview (4 mins)
Asset Management Webinar (51 mins)
Contract Renewal Management Webinar (47 mins)
Equipment Tracking Overview (4 mins)
Equipment Tracking Webinar (59 mins)
Onboarding and User Access (52 mins)
Work Order Management in SharePoint & Office 365 (45 mins)
Customer Service for SharePoint & Office 365 (45 mins)
Request Management for SharePoint (60 min)


Crow Canyon Software Interview with Christian Buckley (7 mins)
Digital Transformation with Crow Canyon (44 mins)

TUTORIALS (all are 3 mins or less)

Employee Portal
Dynamic Forms
Search Inside Attachments
Change Choice Column


Crow Canyon Reports, Dashboard, and Charts App for Office 365 (6 mins)
Crow Canyon Discussion Column for SharePoint (3 mins)
Crow Canyon List Search for SharePoint (3 mins)
Crow Canyon Print Manager for SharePoint (3 mins)


Introduction to NITRO Studio (57 mins)
Powering Up SharePoint & Office 365 - Three Pillars / NITRO Overview (40 mins)
UI/UX - Session 1 of NITRO series (30 mins)
Workflows - Session 2 of NITRO Series (30 mins)
Reporting - Session 3 of NITRO Series (40 mins)

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