User Access Request System

Biomedical Research Institute Enlists Crow Canyon to Build User Access Request System

Managing access to critical systems requires a robust and effective user request system. 

A biomedical research institute in the Washington, DC, area was using a home-grown User Access Request system to manage access to critical systems. However, this system was proving cumbersome to use and a challenge to support. The institute needed a better way to handle requests and ensure it was meeting important security guidelines and regulations governing user access.

The institute had recently adopted Microsoft SharePoint as a business platform. It had already implemented Crow Canyon’s IT HelpDesk program. The management liked what they saw, so decided to engage Crow Canyon to replace the old User Access Request System with a SharePoint-based one.

Several challenges presented themselves right away. First, the user interface had to be friendly and intuitive. Second, the project managers did not want any substantial change in the current process. Third, the request system required automated interaction with several external systems. Crow Canyon took these challenges in stride and provided the institute with a user access request program in SharePoint that is not only friendly and intuitive, but also efficient and reliable.

Intuitive User Interface

Crow Canyon worked closely with the institute to design a UI that is friendly and easy-to-use. Users are directed through the Access Request process with a step-by-step wizard, leaving little room for confusion. They understand precisely where to go and what to fill out. Users select which systems they need to access and at what level, then move to the next step in the wizard, easily and accurately completing the form. The form can be filled out by the end user or a manager.

Alignment with Legacy Process

Another requirement was for Crow Canyon to align the form and workflows with the institute’s legacy request process. Important stakeholders did not want to see any significant change in process. Crow Canyon worked within that framework to provide a system that met the institute’s expectations.

Integration with External Systems

The user access request system needed to read and write data to other systems. Crow Canyon brought its extensive experience connecting SharePoint to external databases and systems into the request project. Through dedicated APIs, Crow Canyon created access points in the request process that allow information entered by users to be passed back and forth between the external systems and SharePoint. This made the request access system truly a part of the larger management framework at the institute.

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