When dealing with machines that cost in the millions of dollars with multiple optional components, the quoting process can get very complex. Each machine has many options that depend on other options, and quotes must accurately present the full details of the proposed purchase.

A company that provides equipment for industrial processes came to Crow Canyon with a need for its field sales personnel to quickly and easily generate a quote based on the particular requirements of the customer. Doing this manually or with spreadsheets was turning out to be too difficult, with inaccuracies and outdated information.


Increase in Accuracy, Productivity and Time Saved

Crow Canyon built a SharePoint-based Quote Generator that incorporates all the various permutations of the machine or machines being purchased. If a customer needs a machine for a particular purpose, with, for example, three of one type of component, but none of the other, the system calculates this. In addition, when choosing a component, there are optional sub-components and optional sub-sub components, as well as cross-component dependencies that are considered when the Quote is generated.

The Crow Canyon Quote Generator allows the field sales staff to quickly enter in what machine and components (and sub-components, etc.) are required, while at the same time checking for accuracy and making sure all the rules and requirements of the purchase are considered and included. The system also allows the central office to update pricing and component information, and have that immediately available to all salespeople.

Time is saved, quotes are more accurate, and the sales staff can use their time more productively.

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