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Aloha NITRO, Goodbye InfoPath!

Based in the tropical paradise of Hawai’i, with its gorgeous weather and beautiful oceans, Honu Services delivers business expertise, back office support, and strategic development to more than a dozen small businesses and government agencies on the islands.

One important part of Honu’s work is helping its clients run their operations more efficiently. Honu saw it could use SharePoint and Office 365, Microsoft’s premier collaboration platforms, to automate and streamline core business processes, such as HR, Accounting, and IT, for its clients,

Honu searched for a SharePoint-based forms and workflow solution that was dynamic, responsive, and easy to use. The solution needed to reproduce applications across the different clients. It had to allow quick creation of forms without coding. And it had to be able to handle multiple and complex workflows.

First, Honu tried Microsoft InfoPath and SharePoint Designer. But Honu’s normally blue skies turned gray when it came to creating forms and workflows with those tools. Honu soon realized it needed much more flexibility, power, and customization capabilities in order to meet its clients’ needs. Plus InfoPath had an expiration date that was fast approaching.

In their quest for the right solution, Honu Services began looking at Nintex and a few other expensive options. But before they went that route, they had the good fortune to run across Crow Canyon Software’s much more affordable NITRO Studio.

Honu found that NITRO Studio, Crow Canyon’s application creation solution for SharePoint and Office 365, was able to easily meet and exceed all of their requirements and then some.

“Our demands were high and Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio met and exceeded all our requirements and provided an exceptional solution to replacing InfoPath at a very low cost.” – Joy Tsuda, SharePoint Developer, Honu Services

Honu Services originally reached out to Crow Canyon for its out-of-the box and ready-to-use IT Help Desk application, which Honu installed in its SharePoint environment.

“The ease of use and installation of the IT Help Desk encouraged us to look at Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio.”  – Joy Tsuda, SharePoint Developer, Honu Services

Honu found that NITRO Studio was easy to use, while also being highly flexible and with a deep set of capabilities. It has not just a forms and workflow solution, but a full “application creation” platforms.

“NITRO Studio’s out-of-box features with little or no-code, provides highly functional SharePoint Solutions that save me and my team a significant amount of time and resources.” – Joy Tsuda, SharePoint Developer, Honu Services

NITRO includes a WYSIWYG forms designer, a Workflow Manager, custom actions, a reporting tool, email synchronization, print templates, list formatting, branding, and much more. It works in SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. It has web parts to allow creation of Modern UI pages with enhanced features and functionality. Plus it comes with a Portal option, which allows end users and customers to engage with SharePoint in a very user-friendly interface.

Honu saw all this and more in NITRO, and has been using it to deliver on its promise to promote long-term success at its client companies. Its customers are happy, calling the forms a “great improvement”.

Plus, with this powerful tool and a set of NITRO-based solutions, Honu is able to bring on new customers and get them set up quickly, allowing the company to grow and expand its client base with ease.

Seems like Honu and its clients are all saying, “Aloha NITRO, Goodbye InfoPath!”

“The ease of use and installation of the IT Help Desk encouraged us to look at Crow Canyon’s NITRO Studio.”
– Joy Tsuda, SharePoint Developer Honu Services

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