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Dynamic SharePoint Dashboards and Reports


Crow Canyon Software Advanced Dashboard/Reporting Option – Provides advanced dashboard and reporting features over the base application. This option allows you to drill-down to the individual tickets or other SharePoint items that are in charts, tables, and reports.

Dynamic SharePoint Dashboards

Create dynamic, animated charts and graphs linked to pivot tables for detailed analysis. From a chart or table you can click on entries to see individual list items which make up the data you are seeing. Also you can print, create PDFs and export any Dashboard data to Microsoft Excel.

Display data totaled by time period, group or status. You can see specific data views and click on individual chart items for counts, summaries and percentage of totals. With Advanced Dashboard you can get a great way to see what is going on in real time for your service desks.

Advanced Report Manager using Microsoft Access

Enter Report Manager, an advanced module for Crow Canyon Software Service Request and Crow Canyon Software CSM. Report Manager is an Access application that provides ready-made reports for a variety of measurements, including response and resolution times, types of tickets, averages over hours, days, weeks, technician performance, SLA adherence, and more.

With Report Manager you can also package and email reports and charts in PDF format to email to interested parties.

Key Features

Advanced SharePoint Dashboard:

  • Dynamic charts and table driven Dashboard for real-time views of all activities right in SharePoint.
  • Drill-down from chart or table to individual tickets or other list items.
  • Print or create PDFs of individual charts tables and reports.
  • Easy to setup and configure for your specific dashboard requirements.
  • Create a single or multiple dashboard views.

Advanced Reporting Features:

  • Easy to use click & report interface – generate reports and charts by making simple selection and click button to view tabular reports and charts
  • Single button data refresh – From Excel you can send up-to-date ticket data right into Report Manager with the click of a single button. No selecting fields, date or other steps necessary.
  • Many Views – View information in a variety of chart types, and tables
  • Drill-down – Drill-down from tabular reports or charts to actual ticket detail with the click of a button
  • Ready-made reports – The standard version comes with a number of ready-made reports which you can view by ticket status and time period.
  • Powerful Filters – Filter information by ticket status (open, assigned, closed), period, and field level. Also in tabular form, drop-down filters allow inclusion and exclusion at the field level.
  • Create Custom Report – Create your own reports in table or matrix format. Pick your filters, fields and combine to give you the exact measurement information you need.
  • Export Reports and email. Export out to PDF files for storage or to distribute to interested parties via email with the click of a button.
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