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Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Crow Canyon Software SharePoint Applications

Service Level Agreements and Alerts

  • Allows you to set up SLAs for incoming requests based on Category, Issue Type, Priority, and who made the request.
  • Requests sent in as High Priority or from critical individuals can be immediately recognized and set for short response and resolution times.
  • Tickets in a certain Category can be set to predetermined response times and due dates and designated people notified when these times are approaching or exceeded.
  • SLAs can be based on any combination of Category, Issue Type, Priority, and the person requesting the service.
  • Overdue and Escalations notifications can be sent to any email address, text message, group address, etc.

Key Features of SharePoint Service Level Agreements:

  • Define the SLAs – as many SLA definitions as needed can be set up.
  • Determine Response Times, Due Dates and Escalations – the definitions allow you to set the response time, due date, and who should be notified on escalations for each ticket.
  • Implement the SLAs – after defining the SLAs, the SLAs can be applied to as many tickets as needed. The application of the SLA can be based on any combination of Category, Issue Type, Priority, and individual.
  • Escalations and Notifications take place when the parameters of the SLA are approached or exceeded.
  • Reporting on SLAs – allows you to see which SLAs have been met or exceeded.

SLAs have value as:

A communications tool. The value of an agreement is not just in the final product; the very process of establishing an SLA helps to open up communications.

A conflict-prevention tool. An agreement helps to avoid or alleviate disputes by providing a shared understanding of needs and priorities. And if conflicts do occur, they tend to be resolved more readily and with less gnashing of teeth.

A living document. This is one of its most important benefits. The agreement isn’t a dead-end document consigned to the Forget Forever file. On a predetermined frequency, the parties to the SLA review the agreement to assess service adequacy and negotiate adjustments.

An objective basis for gauging service effectiveness. An SLA ensures that both parties use the same criteria to evaluate service quality.

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