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Extend service request tracking across the organization

Internal service departments such as IT, HR, Facilities and Administration are the lifeline of your company, ensuring that the services, systems and facilities that employees need to do their jobs are running smoothly—at all times. Often, though, only IT implements automation to track and manage its technology requests. Why not take that automation to all departments your organization depends on? The corporate service desk is key to increasing the productivity of the people who support your customers and extend your business.

CCS Service Request Tracking enhances the overall speed and quality of internal support operations by optimizing the efforts of your service department (IT, HR, Facilities etc.) staff by providing comprehensive process automation. With it, you can leverage existing SharePoint technology to provide consistent internal support, maximize employee productivity, monitor service performance, and control service costs. Learn more, see our White paper “Beyond the IT Help Desk.”

CCS Service Request is designed to allow multiple departments run their own service desk, while providing a central point for employees to make requests. This application has been a great success and we have seen many customers extend productivity beyond IT Support to their entire organization. Here are a few examples:

Organization Service Request Use Quotes
City of Mentor, Ohio customerstory-mentor Started with IT support, expanded into Public Works, Parks and Rec, HR, Building department, and Facilities. Also is providing an external facing Citizen Request form on their website. “The user community really loved it. It was a giant step forward for us”
Harford County Library System Initially implemented for a computer help desk, then added Facilities, Marketing and Administration service desks. “Using CCS Service Request has allowed us to automate services across all 12 locations. It is easy to use and now we get better accountability and productivity”
NOCO Energy Started in IT and expanded to Natural Gas Division Services and Customer Support. “They (end-users) love having a software tool that integrates with Outlook so easily and is intuitive to use, so there is no special training needed to use your CCS Service Request software”
City of Westminster, MD Purchase for organization wide service support right from the beginning. Use across all service departments and provides a Citizen Request form right on Their website. See it in action at click on Citizen Request “We use CCS Service Request to allow citizens to submit their requests or complaints via our website, in person, or by calling in. The website component gives the citizen another avenue to let us know about a problem and allows us to keep them updated on status and resolution electronically.”

There are many more beyond these great customers who have realized the benefits of extending service desk automation to new departments. We would like to give you a chance to do the same at a lower price.

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